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Anguistralobe Necklace – P188
If our feet walk upon the path of destiny, then this device is essential to help us plot our cours..
£18.99 £15.99 Save 16%
4.8★ from 5 reviews
Bleeding Heart Earrings - E272
Red crystal blood cascades from a pair of wounded hearts with red enamel at their cores. Strung fr..
£23.99 £18.91 Save 21%
5★ from 1 reviews
Bleeding Heart Necklace - P550
Delicate pewter filigree surrounds a broken silver heart with red enamel at its core. Strung from ..
£42.99 £34.99 Save 19%
5★ from 2 reviews
Caput Mortem Ring - R72
Three auspicious deaths line the band of this ring, with each caput mortem, or death’s head, repre..
£9.99 £8.80 Save 12%
5★ from 1 reviews
Cesare's Veto Earring - E257
The 16th century saw many a-troubled time, and so arose Cesare Borgia's Florentine fatal solution ..
£14.99 £11.80 Save 21%
5★ from 1 reviews
Chemical Wedding Necklace - P453
A gleaming silver angel, her wings thrown back, raises her face to kiss the monstrous visage of he..
£19.99 £15.99 Save 20%
5★ from 2 reviews
Coeur Sauvage Necklace - P446
Two dragons cast in two-tone pewter form the shape of the savage heart. Suspended from their joine..
£21.99 £17.59 Save 20%
5★ from 1 reviews
Dante's Hex Necklace - P235
A crude, hand-stamped pentacle with subtle ridged details hangs from its chain, aged and beaten to..
£6.99 £5.50 Save 21%
Death of a Vampire Necklace - P495
A sword-like stake impales the Swarovski crystal heart of the vampire, consigning the sanguisage t..
£18.99 £14.99 Save 21%
5★ from 1 reviews
Dr. von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring - R44
Cast in pewter and solid brass, this Alchemy Gothic ring is an authentic reproduction of Dr. Von R..
£14.99 £12.49 Save 17%
5★ from 2 reviews
Dragon's Lure Earring - E274
Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch’s familiar, this winged-serpent tempts the wearer into..
£14.99 £11.80 Save 21%
4.4★ from 14 reviews
Electromagnet Earring - E266
Harness the power of the electromagnet in this replica Alchemy Gothic Earring. Perfect for the mag..
£12.99 £9.95 Save 23%
Empress Eugenie's Blue Heart Diamond Earrings – E264
These stunning earrings were created to accompany the classic necklace, which bore the dazzling bl..
£29.99 £23.49 Save 22%
5★ from 2 reviews
Empress Eugenie's Blue Heart Diamond Necklace – P531
This necklace was created by Alchemy Gothic to commemorate the rare, massive blue heart diamond, w..
£47.99 £39.83 Save 17%
5★ from 1 reviews
Havisham Earring - E251
The tragic Miss Havisham, from Charles Dickens' “Great Expectations” is evoked in this elegant Vic..
£14.50 £12.99 Save 10%
In Nomini Patrie Bracelet - A41
Over the centuries, many priests have intoned “In Nomine Patrie”; literally, “In the Name Of The F..
£22.50 £17.99 Save 20%
4★ from 1 reviews
La Fleur De Baudelaire Bracelet - A69
Living in the Nineteenth Century, Charles Baudelaire was a revolutionary Gothic poet and visionary..
£32.99 £26.29 Save 20%
5★ from 2 reviews
La Fleur De Baudelaire Necklace - P517
Captured in a glorious homage to the Art Nouveau style, twin fey swoop in profile, their wings fla..
£34.99 £28.49 Save 19%
5★ from 1 reviews
Mirror of the Soul Earrings - E271
Peer into the dark, Gothic depths to see a stylised skull signifying the fate that awaits us all. ..
£16.99 £13.99 Save 18%
5★ from 1 reviews
Parler Cuff Stud - E194
A beautiful filigree stud links to a cuff that rests over the top of the ear by a fine chain. This..
£8.99 £6.99 Save 22%
Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet - A15
This intricate design is a replica of an early scientific instrument, called a Spectrostatic Devic..
£28.99 £23.40 Save 19%
5★ from 2 reviews
Spike Cuff Earring - E221
Make a statement with this simple spiked cuff. Suitable for wear anywhere on the ear, it requires ..
£6.99 £5.99 Save 14%
5★ from 1 reviews
Sylvanus Earring – E263
In Roman mythology, Sylvanus is god of the woods, and his power is celebrated in this divine Alche..
£14.99 £11.80 Save 21%
4★ from 4 reviews
The Great Wish Ring - R36
The Latin inscription on this simple, macabre ring reads "Meus Opus Magnus", a literary embodiment..
£8.99 £7.99 Save 11%
5★ from 1 reviews