Wulven Buckle B74

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Wulven Buckle B74
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Wulven Buckle B74 Wulven Buckle B74
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The high howl of the wolves echoes through the cold night air, crisp with snow and starlight. Celebrate the beautiful music of the children of the night with this beautiful Alchemy Gothic buckle. Cast from pewter and translucent enamel, it is a striking creation sure to capture the wild at heart.

Common in the mythologies of Eurasia and North America, the wolf can symbolise many things, from predatory instinct to cunning and intelligent. 

Here, Alchemy Gothic capture the wildness of the lone wolf in their 2006 design, silhouetting a creature with its teeth bared against the night sky, with the towering pines of the North forests in the landscape.

Buckle Width 10.5cm (4.1 in)
Buckle Height: 8.3cm (3.3in)
Buckle Depth: 1.6cm (0.6in)
Colour: Silver and Blue
Weight 230 g

Product Code: B74

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