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Alchemy Gothic are the indisputable design kings of the Gothic Accessory scene. However, with dozens of new releases every year, they must also turn to their catalogue and choose some items to remove from production. The items captured in the category below have been discontinued, and these are the last ones that we hold in the GlitterGoth stock room.

Buy a piece of alchemy history, and wear it with pride. These items are far from mainstream: beautiful and unique, these pieces are no longer being made by the Alchemy workshops. Once the few we have left in stock are sold, they'll be gone for good. 


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Entomologhast Bracelet - A57
An ornately articulated, grotesque fantasy of beauty and horror, with the highly intricate, brass butterfly lace-wings and the body of a skull. Jewellery Dimensions: This bracelet will fit a wr..
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£29.50 £25.00
The Distinguished Goth Cross (D.G.N) - AMA4
  A distressed bronze cross hangs from a geren and purple ribbon, emblazoned with a spread-winged bat to celebrate those hardcore of the subculture. Jewellery Details: Hung from a stan..
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£16.99 £14.99
Ignoble Gallantry Award (I.G.N) -AMA3
A skull sits in profile above crossed swords, the Ignoble mark of the privateer. All is fair in war, including the robbing and sinking of enemy ships. An award for those dastardly acts on the seven..
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£16.99 £14.99
The Posthumous Service Medal (P.S.M) - AMA1
A crowned skull emblazons this disk of pewter, hung on a standard width medal ribbon. A posthumous award in honour of those who have given their lives for the pursuit of knowledge and power. Je..
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£16.99 £14.99
Omega Skull - ASS51
Alchemy's quintessential image is captured here, life-size and beautifully aged in exquisite resin. Carved over its calciferous surface is the wisdom of human civilisation, distilled and refined into ..
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£49.99 £44.98
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Heart Of Darkness Necklace - P552
The vampire slayer's essential protection in pendant form. Crossed pewter stakes bisect in the centre of the vampire's heart, enhanced with crystal blood drops and bat details, all hung on a rosary..
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£26.99 £24.95
Love Hate Necklace - ULFP5
The dagger of hate rests along side the thudding red enamel of love's heart. Which path will your life take, and can you find the balance between the two? Jewellery Details: Hung on a rosary an..
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£21.99 £19.99
Love Bones Necklace - ULFP9
Alchemy Gothic's killer kitsch comes to life with this candy pink heart swirled into shape with a skull 'n bones motif. Love's got a toxic touch, and it all ends the same way. Jewellery Details..
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£13.99 £12.59
Skull Rose Necklace - ULFP10
A red polka dot ribbon supports the gleaming pewter rose, with clear white crystals studding its petals as they furl around the skull leering from the petals' core. Death within life: the ultimate eni..
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£25.99 £23.45
Rosa de Azucar Bracelet - ULFA3
The large enamel rose creates the centrepiece of this striking red bracelet, burning with crimson passion. Two Voodoin skulls flank the flower, their eyes agleam with red crystal from where they st..
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£32.99 £29.99
Bad Luck Studs - ULFE10
Elegant white crystals decorate these broken horse-shoe studs, along with the simple script "bad luck". Brave the ill favours of fortune and wear these with pride. These earrings are sold a pai..
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£11.99 £10.50
Love Bones Earrings - ULFE13
Cotton candy hearts hang heavy with love's burden, but beware the toxic touch that break all in its path. Skull and cross bones motifs linger behind this image of femininity. These earrings are..
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£14.99 £13.50

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