Time Machine Chronambulator Dial - AAP7

Time Machine Chronambulator Dial - AAP7
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Time Machine Chronambulator Dial - AAP7
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Mind-blowing in its intricacy, the Time Machine Chronambulator Dial clock  is the beating heart of the pan-dimensional adventurer's, retro hi-tech time machine; the ornate clock face, (powered by quartz technology), is fronted by a perpetual roller-dial calendar, and the whole clock combines to give a genuine feel of other-wordly technology. Detailed in brass, Alchemy Gothic have paid great attention to detail with this complicated and beautiful time device, working hard to create a piece that is sure to be the pride of any collection.

Clock measures approximately 4.25 inches (11cm) high and wide, and 5.25 inches (13.3cm) deep.

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All jewellery and decor is sold in its original packaging along with a certificate of authenticity from Alchemy Gothic. Please note that the colour of crystals and gemstones may vary at the point of manufacture, according to availability.

Product Code: AAP7

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