The Duelist Cantosonic Wave Gun - P581 1 reviews

The Duelist Cantosonic Wave Gun - P581
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A replica of EER's singularly eminent, unprecedented neoteric side-arm, which boasted echo-location range finding and firing hi-grade ultra-sonic frequency charges for guaranteed audio-molecular meltdown. Wrought in fine metals and hung from a pewter chain, this is Alchemy Gothic's beautiful replica from the Steampunk laboratory: a pulchritudinous addition to the empire collection.

Jewellery Dimensions: This incredible necklace hangs loose on a 24 inch (60cm) chain, and falls so that the lower tip of the pendant rests approximately 8 inches (20cm) below the base of the throat. The pendant is 3 inches (7.5cm) at its widest point, and 3 inches (7.5cm) long.

All jewelry is sold in its original packaging along with a certificate of authenticity from Alchemy Gothic. Please note that the colour of crystals and gemstones may vary at the point of manufacture, according to availability.

Product Code: P581

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