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The Duelist Cantosonic Wave Gun - P581
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A replica of EER's singularly eminent, unprecedented neoteric side-arm, which boasted echo-location range finding and firing hi-grade ultra-sonic frequency charges for guaranteed audio-molecular meltdown. Wrought in fine metals and hung from a pewter chain, this is Alchemy Gothic's beautiful replica from the Steampunk laboratory: a pulchritudinous addition to the empire collection.

First released in 2010, the exquisite complexity of this piece is what catches the eye. A knot of tubework cavorts around the barrel, while the copper-tone grip and trigger mechanism gleam in contrast. It’s a ray-gun from the steampunk age, beautiful and deadly, rendered benign in replica form.

Strung on an antique pewter chain for an added sense of antiquity, this now discontinued piece is in short supply, so be sure to grab yours before it’s gone.

Pendant Height 5.8cm (2.3 in)
Pendant Width 8.1cm (3.2 in)
Pendant Fall 16.6cm (4.25 in)
Chain Information Curb chain with lobster clasp
Weight 77 g

Product Code: P581

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