The Alchemist

The defining figure of Alchemy Gothic, “The Alchemist” is shrouded in myth and legend. Strange stories and sensational rumours attach themselves to this intriguing figure, whose origins stretch back to man’s earliest times.

Arising from the Genesis at the Garden of Eden, Amzer, as the Alchemist is known, has undergone countless metamorphoses since his incarnation. Destined to be a divine intervener, Amzer is considered to have been a pivotal figure throughout the history of civilisation.

Borne of Adam and his first, sinful wife, Lilith, Amzer was the sole male progeny of the union. When his mother and siblings were cast from Eden for their sins and sank into depravity, only Amzer remained innocent of the foibles that would lay the foundation stones for hell. Unable to re-enter Eden, Amzer was chosen by the Creator to guide mankind away from the path of sin throughout their long destiny. In doing so, Amzer has travelled at man’s side, taking on different, ghastly guises as he steers the course of history and leads humanity on into civilisation, all the while bearing the mark of his driving mission, an “A” branded into his calciferous forehead. It was this symbol which Alchemy took as their own, and it adorns all their items as a trademark, proving that the Alchemy Gothic items you buy are genuine.

The original figure of Amzer has taken on a rich and mythological life thanks to the imagination of Alchemy Gothic, evolving with the times to stride, powerful and memorable, through the darkening existence at the side of mankind, appearing on both the mortal coil and the astral plane, sometimes simultaneously. Most well known in his aspect as the Alchemist circa 1350, the skeletal face of Amzer is shrouded in a black cowl, an image familiar to many cultures as the visage of Death. The Alchemist was the forerunner of the scientific world: a philosopher, occultist and sometimes-cleric, he put forth the foundations of chemistry and crossed the fine lines between mortality and spirituality in search of knowledge and truth.

The Alchemist strives, at all times, to accomplish the Elixir of Life: the Philosopher’s Stone and the perfection of the soul. It is a mission that spans the ages, and The Alchemist changes with every passing era, existing through every age of mythology and beyond.

For more information on the Alchemist, please see Alchemy Gothic’s official encyclopedia page, which is rich with information on the mythology of The Alchemist in his various aspects.

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