Skull Rose Necklace - ULFP10

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Skull Rose Necklace - ULFP10
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A red polka dot ribbon supports the gleaming pewter rose, with clear white crystals studding its petals as they furl around the skull leering from the petals' core. Death within life: the ultimate enigma.

Created in 2011, the Skull Rose necklace has now been discontinued and is growing increasingly rare. Six red crystals embellish the tips of the flower's outer petals, while a skull is turned in three-quarter profile at the rose’s centre, its hollow eye-sockets staring into eternity.

At 0.8cm (0.3 inches) deep, this pendant has a real presence, made all the richer by the striking colour of the crystals and the ribbon that supports it. A chunky, Alchemy style clasp provides security and an adjustable fit, making it possible to adapt the height of the necklace to suit the wearer.

As one of the vintage pieces of the UL17 range, this necklace embodies Urban Style, with a touch of rockabilly colour to really grab the attention of passers by.

Pendant Height 4.0cm (3.9 in)
Pendant Width 4.4cm (5.5 in)
Pendant Fall Adjustable
Chain Information Ribbon with Alchemy Clasp
Stone Colour Red crystal
Weight 69 g

Product Code: ULFP10

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