Ossa Ravenhead Buckle - B37

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Ossa Ravenhead Buckle - B37
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Ossa Ravenhead Buckle - B37 Ossa Ravenhead Buckle - B37
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Be amazed by the incredible, tri-metal, raven-winged helm of the Viking deity for the warrior cult. Become empowered by the intricacy and symbolism etched deep within the terrifying visage of the berserker, and revel in the strength that Alchemy Gothic imbue within this elegant and brutal motif.

Known for their cruel ways of invasion, the Vikings were never the less responsible for beautiful metal-works and intricate designs. That love of the aesthetic is represented in this exquisitely rendered 1997 design. A true Alchemy classic.

Now discontinued, this piece is part of our vintage collection, and we only have one remaining. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this buckle of the berserker.

Buckle Width 11.8cm (4.6 in)
Buckle Height: 8.9cm (3.5in)
Buckle Depth: 4.9cm (1.9in)
Colour: Silver and Gold
Weight 242 g

Product Code: B37

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