Letter Of Marque Buckle - B75

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Letter Of Marque Buckle - B75
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Letter Of Marque Buckle - B75 Letter Of Marque Buckle - B75
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Bear the official, royal warrant of the British throne given to privateers, known in common circles as pirates, during times of war. This marque enabled the scourge of the sea to legally pillage and destroy the property of the country's enemies without fear of legal consequences. Alchemy Gothic's eighteenth century license to kill!

Created in 2006, this design emulates the infamous Jolly Roger, with a skull perched atop two cutlasses. Intricate vines add baroque embellishment, adding a touch of class to this ruthless symbol of piracy by any other name.

Brutal and instantly recognisable as the mark of piracy, the Letter of Marque buckle is the perfect addition to any Alchemy collection.

Buckle Width 9.7cm (3.8in)
Buckle Height: 7.7cm (3.0in)
Buckle Depth: 2.7cm (1.0in)
Colour: Silver
Weight 145 g

Product Code: B75

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