Incy Wincy Forme Hand Ring R177

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Incy Wincy Forme Hand Ring R177
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Incy Wincy Forme Hand Ring R177

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The gorgeous hand ring for the devoted, this riotous extravaganza of enamel and crystal work is ideal for those who want to catch others in their web.

Initially designed in 2012, the Incy Wincy Forme hand ring formed part of the Deco Gothique range, and is one of the last remaining pieces in this now predominantly discontinued collections.

A central skull occupies a geometric diamond, while ribbons of pewter and enamel fan outwards, decked in an array of white crystals for that flash of decadence.

The broad nature of this ring means that the elegant fans cover the back of more than one finger, though the band surrounds a single digit to hold it securely on the hand.

Emblem Height 4.0cm (1.6 in)
Emblem Width 7.5cm (2.9 in)
Band Width 0.4cm (0.15 in)
Stone Colour White
Sizes Available
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Weight 57 g

Product Code: R177

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