Imperial Treasures

Imperial Treasures

Imperial Treasures is a collection of beautiful, subtle Alchemy Gothic jewellery, designed to suit more mainstream tastes for unique and stylish pieces . Here we highlight the more delicate side of Alchemy's unique portfolio, capturing elegance and glamour in creations of crystal and pewter.

Decadence is the byword for this category, which encapsulates a level or imperial and historical style amidst the striking collection. Treat yourself to something that is sure to turn heads.

Each item description includes measurements to help you decide which Alchemy Gothic items are right for you, and this category focuses on those items of jewellery that shine through as versatile and striking items in vintage, botanical and imperial styles.



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Poison Ivy Earrings - E297
Delicate ivy leaves and Swarovski "pearl" detail collect like nature's wealth to fall delicately from your ears. Yet like all in nature, this beauty hides a poisonous cruelty, one of which mankind sho..
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Starchaser Ring - R190
The slick scales of this dragon wrap around the finger as it chases the bright green gem to catch it in its jaws. Elegant and flowing, this is a beautiful addition to the collection. Ring measureme..
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Tears Of Grief Necklace - P638
A pewter mounted amethyst heart bleeds crosses of mourning in two-tone pewter for the passing of a beloved, gone now into the grasp of the other-world. Three elaborate crosses hang down from the cen..
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Sucre Vert Absinthe Spoon Necklace - P607
Green Sugar: a miniature, wearable token of a secret life. An Alchemy Gothic absinthe spoon, signifying a life well lived in the service of all that is hedonistic and decadent. Lose yourself in subl..
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Death's Head Butterfly Choker - P633
Strung from a black velvet ribbon, a large amethyst crystal supports the beautiful butterfly, its enamelled wings catching the light. One of nature's exquisite and fragile forms moulded into a ..
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Dudley's Jewel Necklace - P657
The celebrated courtier of Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley, bore his rapier with pride and courage.  Two tone pewter is strung in elegant design around a stunning Swarovski crystal centre-piece, enc..
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Key To The Secret Garden Necklace - P718
Graceful curls of pewter bloom around a deep green crystal, framing the lush, verdant depths the stone in exquisite detail, reminiscent of stems and leaves as they curl and clutch at their prize. Tw..
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Bleeding Heart Earrings - E272
Red crystal blood cascades from a pair of wounded hearts with red enamel at their cores. Strung from the earrings on short chains are three Swarovski crystals, representing the bloody price of love. ..
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Sylvanus Earring – E263
In Roman mythology, Sylvanus is god of the woods, and his power is celebrated in this divine Alchemy Gothic creation. The ornate, baroque ear-covering is supported by a chain to a separate section hoo..
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Bed of Blood Roses Ear Wrap E329
Pewter vinework holds dear the red enamel heart of the beloved and the black flower of grief that is sure to follow on behind. Exquisitely wrought in pewter, this ear wrap curves lovingly over the car..
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Thorny Cross Handspan Ring - R192
A vine wrapped trellis forms the cross on this ring, designed to span three fingers with its elegant pewter knot-work, blood red crystal embellishments and central square cut diamante gem. The passion..
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Westenra Spica Earring - E289
Complete Lucy's post-Whitby jewel set with these stunningly decadent earrings. Enhanced with crystal details, they speak of Gothic wealth at its best. Capture the decadent cruelty of the vampire in Al..
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Bower Troth Ring - R198
A dusky pink crystal cut into the shape of a heart is set into a pewter mount, with twisting vinework coiling up the band of the ring. A beautiful and subtle nod to the beloved. Jewelry Details: To..
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Bestia Regalis Necklace - P577
The second guardian of the ornate entrance to the Otherworld is this beautiful beast. With articulated wings, she holds a single emerald Swarovski crystal in the curve of her tail. Finely detailed&n..
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Sacred Heart Nurses Belt B98
Red enamel emblazons the sacred heart that comprises this nurse's belt buckle, with pewter detailing to add depth to a rich and vibrant accessory. Framed in curling pewter reminiscent of lace, this ..
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Decodence - P664
A sparkling galaxy of crystal and monochrome awaits in the subtle design of the Decodence necklace. Its flowing shape is reminiscent of la guillotine, poised to sever the stylish head from elegant s..
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Seraph Of Light Earrings - E351
The Seraph of Light earrings have been designed to complement the necklace of the same name, with delicate pink quartz stones and pale pink crystal droppers in a furled wing baroque pewter frame. ..
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Renaissance Cross Of Passion Necklace - P456
The power of love is captured in the starkly contrasting intricacy of the Orthodox cross and the simple red crystal accents, including a heart suspended at its centre. Celebrate the worship of ..
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Bed Of Blood Roses Necklace - P630
A red, bloody heart forms the seed bed for five black roses, growing ever-upwards on pewter vines, thorns flexed to harm the unwary. Made of red enamel, with red crystal detailing around the two ton..
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Bacchanal Rose Bracelet - A106
The Bacchanal Rose bracelet is the final piece in a stunning Alchemy Gothic set, featuring a matching necklace and earrings. Elegant black enamel roses bloom on pewter vines, bedecked with hidden bu..
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Elementary Crux Angelicus - P580
The ross of the Angels and the Elements. Infused with the teachings of the supreme mentor of devout philosophy and alchemical wisdom, John Dee, this stunning cross practically glows with potent..
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Herz Leben Necklace - P702
An enticing Gothic fusion of eternal life and love, the Ankh and the heart join in unison to provide this subtle surround for a sumptuous amethystine gem. Celebrate your immortal soul and the love i..
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Huntsman's Man-Tamer Necklace P672
Elegance and execution combine with this two-tone pendant, portraying an open switch-blade dripping with red crystal blood. The pewter blade of the razor is supported by an intricate metal tracery, ..
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Empress Eugenie's Blue Heart Diamond Earrings – E264
These stunning earrings were created to accompany the classic necklace, which bore the dazzling blue diamond of Empress Eugenie. Twin blue crystals hang in identical filigree frames from the monogramm..
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5★ from 2 reviews