I Love I Hate Necklace ULFP12

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I Love I Hate Necklace ULFP12
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A fully reversible necklace which allows the wearer to declare their emotion. On one side, pink enamelled squares carrying Swarovski crystal embellishment spell out the word love, while on the reverse, engraved in subtle pewter lines is the word Hate. Choose your side and wear it with pride.

The I Love I Hate necklace, made in 2012, is beautifully decorated, with four articulated tiles strung on a fixed chain, each carrying a letter. The first side is brightly coloured, with a turquoise crystal in the corners, and pewter embellishment at the edge of each tile.

The reverse is caught in monochromatic power, the word “hate” no less bold than its contemporary, and etched in stark relief, indicating the force of the emotion, as opposed to the brightness and optimism of its mirror version.

Pendant Height 8cm (3.0 in)
Pendant Width 1.5cm (0.5 in)
Pendant Fall 5.8cm (2.3 in)
Chain Information Fixed curb chain with lobster clasp
Stone Colour Turquoise
Weight 60 g

Product Code: ULFP12

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