Hole In The Head Necklace - ULP34

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Hole In The  Head Necklace - ULP34
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Hole In The  Head Necklace - ULP34 Hole In The  Head Necklace - ULP34
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This bone resin skull hangs on a waxed cord thong, grinning from its resting place: death brought to life. Emblazoned on its crown is the UL13 emblem: a potent reminder of the price to be paid. Eerily realistic, this pendant is a subtle nod to mortality.

The Hole in the Head pendant was released in 2013, and its simple symbolism and small dimensions have made it a quick hit with people who want a touch of Gothic macabre without embellishment. 

Measuring 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) deep, the realistically proportioned skull is missing its bottom jaw, giving an idea of the passage of time and a sense of decay. Hollow eye sockets stare balefully from its calciferous face, watching all who pass in silent judgement

Pendant Height 1.8cm (0.7 in)
Pendant Width 1cm (0.4 in)
Pendant Fall 5cm (2 in)
Chain Information Black cord. Barrel clasp
Weight 44 g

Product Code: ULP34

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