Empress Eugenie

Empress Eugenie's Blue heart Diamond Necklace By Alchemy Gothic

In a European court brimming with royalty and cutting edge style, the Empress Eugenie stood out at the forefront of fashion and political acumen. Her full name was Doña María Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de Palafox-Portocarrero de Guzmán y Kirkpatrick, 16th Countess of Teba and 15th Marquise of Ardales. However, she was more commonly known as Eugénie de Montijo, Last Empress consort to the French.

Born in Granada, Spain, she married Napolean III when she was twenty-six years old. It was a union borne of political machinations, but Napolean III was not unknown to her, having been the leading figure at a number of balls attended with her mother in the social seasons of France. While the rest of Europe admired her heritage and power, the feeling among the French court was that she was not good enough for the Emperor, and Empress Eugenie set about claiming her place in society with flair and panache.

Within a matter of months, her fashions were adopted across Europe, and when she gave birth to son and heir the Prince Imperial, her place of power in her husband’s court was cemented in the minds of the French. Eugenie’s aristocratic elegance, style, splendour and incredible jewels are well documented, but she was more than a bauble to be flaunted on the Emperor’s arm. In his long absences, she acted as regent in his place, essentially ruling the empire while her husband travelled to the frontiers and purportedly dabbled in a multitude of affairs.

Empress Eugenie's Blue Heart Diamond Earrings By Alchemy Gothic

Yet with the fall of the Second French Empire, she and her husband retreated to England, where she stayed until the death of her husband and son in 1873 and 1879. Although the Empress’ life met a quiet end at the age of 94, away from the political limelight, her name is remembered not only in a number of Royal daughters across Europe, but in embodiments of glamour and style such as the Blue Heart Diamond Necklace and Earrings by Alchemy: crystal replicas of Cartier’s Eugenie Blue diamond. Truly they are the jewel in the crown of Alchemy’s collection, speaking of the graceful Empress’ vitality and poise through the years.

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