Electromagnetic Park Inducer Wallet Chain - LG56

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Electromagnetic Park Inducer Wallet Chain - LG56
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This remarkable, thick wallet chain is a replica of the EER device designed to generate a gigantic magnetic field designed to induce self-inductance up to a three foot radius. Alas, the technology is since lost to the Alchemy workshops, and this replica relies on a solid double 24 inch (61cm) coppered chain and large trigger clip to keep your wallet secure. 

Created in 2009, this Electromagnetic Park Inducer Wallet Chain is now a vintage piece, this is the last of its kind. Heavy and durable, its sure to last you a lifetime, and keep your possessions safee as it does so.

Height 8.5cm (3.3 in)
Width 6.0cm (2.4 in)
Chain Length 61.0cm (24in)
Weight 284 g

Product Code: LG56

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