As one of the most enduring and globally acknowledged mythical creatures, it is no surprise that dragons feature heavily in the Alchemy Gothic jewelry and décor designs. From the typical Western dragon, breathing flame and soaring through the skies on bat-like wings, to the placid natural guardians of the Orient, dragons have captured the imagination of mankind, and the beast has become ripe with symbolism.


In Western Culture, dragons tend to be scaly, with a penchant for haunting wells, pools or other watery places, and have a deep attraction for maidens and princesses. It is this lust that lends them the menacing and cruel symbolism of corruption of virtue, and forces them to challenge orthodox religion and beliefs, such as that which is depicted in the Fall of Byzantium necklace.

Hoarding treasure is another distinctive characteristic of a dragon, and some put a different spin on their purpose in life, professing them as guardians of gateways or dogmatic secrets. The Runering Dragon strap depicts the eternal skeletal guardian of the secrets of Genesis, highlighting the strange dichotomy of dragons and the religious culture of the West.

Runering Dragon Strap By Alchemy Gothic

Artefacts depicting dragons have been found dating back to approximately 4000 B.C, and it is now generally believed that dragons sprang up in mankind’s fantasy repertoire when they found dinosaur bones. The power of imagination did the rest, weaving a rich tapestry of meaning and lore that Alchemy Gothic capture in many of their releases.

“Dragon” is thought to derive from ancient Greek “Dracon” meaning to watch, suggesting that the idea of Dragons as a guardian predates the sinister twist into challenger and corruptor. The Bestia Regalis blends the threat and diligence of the dragon perfectly, harking back to earlier times before knights and saints alike hunted these gigantic creatures.

Bestia Regalis Necklace by Alchemy Gothic

With such a complex lore evolving from the Draconic imagery, it is no surprise that the role of the dragon in Alchemy Gothic jewelry, décor and myth can sometimes seem to be inconsistent. Yet the same is echoed culturally across the world. Tyrannical and deadly, sinister and sensuous, proud and protective — the Dragon has many tasks and many forms, and as such it has become one of the most popular motifs in Alchemy Gothic’s portfolio.

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