Caring For Your Alchemy Gothic Items

Looking After Your Pewter-Ware

Alchemy Gothic uses Fine English Pewter, brass and crystal in many of their designs. Over time, these polished metals can tarnish and gather a dark, greasy patina. With the right equipment and after-care, you can ensure your jewellery, decor and other Alchemy items remain in dazzling condition.

Disclaimer: This article is meant as advice only. GlitterGoth cannot be held responsible for damage that may occur through over-zealous or abusive polishing procedures.

Why Clean Your Pewter?

Over time and exposure to air and chemicals, pewter can lose its shine and start to look dull. In addition, jewellery that's worn frequently or stored in a humid environment can start to carry a sharp, metallic scent. Cleaning your Alchemy items helps keep them at their best.

Jewellery Care

  • Firstly, consider the nature of your item and whether it may suffer from being submerged in water. Watches or leather, in particular, will become damaged by submersion. Where possible, remove the watch movement from the pewter frame.
  • If you are confident your item will not suffer from getting wet, lay it down on some absorbent material, such as an old towel. Take the baby toothbrush and dip it into the polish before gently working the polish lightly into the ridges and intricacies of the piece. Wipe off any excess and leave to dry.
  • Once the silver polish has dried into a thin layer of (often pink) paste, you can take your soft polishing cloth and gently begin to rub away the polishing fluid. Working gently and slowly is often best. Some smooth items will be complete after this step, polished to a shine and returned to their former glory.
  • Intricate items, however, such as The Couer Sauvage Necklace, have a lot of detail, and it may be hard to remove the polishing fluid from the dips and scales.
  • To finish the job, fill a bowl with warm, non-chlorinated water. Add a dab of mild detergent such as washing-up liquid, and submerge your jewellery in the water. Taking the baby toothbrush, clean the bristles of polish and then gently brush the polish paste away from the detail. Alternatively, holding the item under running water can provide adequate pressure to wash the polish fluid away. This can often be slow work, but it pays off to be thorough.
  • Once you have cleaned your item of all the polishing fluid, dab away the excess water and then return to your polishing cloth. Using a clean section, wipe away any remaining water in a gentle, circular motion. Pay attention in particular to the detail, including the chains of necklaces and the claws of rings. Placing the item near (but not on) a warm radiator for an hour will ensure the water has safely evaporated away.
  • The finishing touch for most Alchemy pieces is the crystal details. In most cases, the polishing and submersion process will clean off grime, but it's easy to leave behind fingerprints as you handle your Alchemy Gothic purchase.
  • Put a little bit of glass cleaner in a bowl and dip a q-tip/cotton bud into the solution. Wipe it gently over the facets of any crystal details. It will bring out the shine and really make your Alchemy piece look as good as new.

Drinking Vessels Care

Pewter does not tarnish per se, but it does react very strongly with some chemicals and acids. Such reactions can cause permanent, deep damage to your pewter-ware. Therefore avoiding certain substances and situations are essential to prolong the life of your Alchemy purchases.

  • Do not place any pewter items in the dishwasher. The salt and chemicals in the detergent will blacken the metal, often beyond repair.
  • Avoid contact with citrus fruits, drinks and fizzy sodas for prolonged periods. The high acidity of these can damage pewter, leaving permanent stains. Rinse your drinking vessels once you have finished with them to prevent damage.

As long as you do not expose your pewter to any of the situations mentioned above, the general care of your larger Alchemy Items is relatively straight forward. Mostly highly polished items, such as the tankards, will benefit from a wash in warm, soapy, non-chlorinated water after each use (or, if they are decorative, every six months). Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth, and your smooth pewter should be returned to its normal shine.

Leather Care

Some of Alchemy Gothic's items, such as their bags and wallets, are composed of genuine Italian leather and can benefit from careful cleaning with a soft cloth. Dampen it slightly to remove any marks blotting carefully.

We recommend that you do not allow your leather items to come into contact with excessive amounts of water. However, should a leather item become wet in a rain storm or during use, use paper padding to help it maintain its shape and place it near (but not directly upon) a source of heat to dry. Avoid direct contact with sunlight or a radiator to minimise the damage.

Storing Your Alchemy Gothic Items

Storing your jewellery and accessories in a cool, dry place can do wonders for their longevity. It can prevent damage to metalwork and leather alike.

  • We recommend you DO NOT store your items inside polythene, as this can create a humid atmosphere.
  • Storing your items with silica sachets can help reduce humidity and keepp your jewellery gleaming.
  • Rubbing jewellery with a clean dry cloth before storing it in a jewellery box can ensure it's clean and dry for the next use.
  • If you're displayiong pieces, dusting them gently with a soft bristle paintbrush can keep them free of dust and grime.

If you have any questions about your Alchemy Gothic items, then please do not hesitate to send us a message and we shall do our best to help you.