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Betrothal Ring - R134
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Betrothal Ring - R134 Betrothal Ring - R134

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A blood red enamel heart of passion lies captured at the core of this Alchemy Gothic miniature rococo masterpiece. Celebrate romance with this simple token of affection, beautifully designed and masterfully created.

With a matching bracelet, the Betrothal ring, is a subtle nod to devotion. Twisting vines unfurl on either side of the marbled red enamel heart, simple yet elegant. The stark relief of the pewter work gives this petite piece the illusion of depth, and the subtle intricacies of the design catch the eye with smooth, flowing lines and a shock of vivid red at its core.

Created in 2007, this long-running design has captured the hearts and minds of many, speaking to them in unembellished tones of romance and intimacy. The contrasting monochrome of the band and the red enamel heart is the perfect bolt of colour, invoking the notion of passion among the swirls of love.

Emblem Height 1.3cm (0.5 in)
Emblem Width 2.4cm (0.9 in)
Band Width 0.4cm (0.15 in)
Stone Colour Red
Sizes Available
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N, Q, T, W
Weight 37 g

Product Code: R134

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