Kiss The Night Necklace By Alchemy Gothic

As the sun sets and dusk falls across the world, the bats unfurl from their roosts in dark caverns and beneath the eaves to begin their hunt. Their wrinkled appearance and erratic flight, coupled with their nocturnal habits resulted in the creature’s demonization. Named in the Bible as “The Devil’s bird”, the bat’s reputation was further soured by the Vampiric link, with many tales of vampires being able to turn at will into a bat-like form.

Yet there is a certain elegance and grace in the bat’s silhouette that inspires awe, as well as fear. Their ability to navigate the darkest of nights is cause for both uncertainty and respect, and it is this mixture of emotion that captures the human imagination.

German peasants were known to nail a bat’s carcass to their door to ward off the devil while in South America they were thought to be devourers of the sun, flocking around the Lord of the Underworld, Mictlantecuhtli.

Empire Aeronautiqua Necklace By Alchemy Gothic

Associated in some cultures with the spirit of the dead, and known to haunt the peaceful seclusion of graveyards, bats have become a symbol of the Gothic lifestyle and movement, encapsulating both the macabre and mysterious. As such, it has become a simple yet effective motif among Alchemy Gothic jewelry and other items.

Whether it is subtle, bat-like shapes such as you might find in the Mircalla jewelry, or more blatant tributes such as those found in Kiss the Night and La Danse De La Nuit, Alchemy has chosen to celebrate the quintessential gothic form of the bat. Not only is it linked to the vampiric, often incorporated into the vampire jewelry, but it is used to form Gothic shapes in steampunk pieces such as the wings of the Empire Aeronautiqua.

Bat Studs by Alchemy Gothic

Across the world the bat is often regarded with fear and distaste, yet to some cultures they represent entirely different ideas. In the orient and Japan is it regarded as something different, often symbolising courage, happiness and bravery, rather than the presence of evil within. In Egypt, it was believed that bats guard fresh water, while in parts of Africa and Greece they are considered to be a creature of vigilance.

However, the form of the bat still continues to be the epitomic sybolism of Halloween and gothic taste, carrying both mystery and darkness beneath its wings. As such, the bat’s form is an undeniable influence on a wide range of Alchemy Gothic’s creations.

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