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Life Time Watch - ULW1
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Life Time Watch - ULW1 Life Time Watch - ULW1
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Intricately modelled "tattoo-style" pewter watch decorates the genuine Italian leather strap of this beautiful watch. Lettering reads "Life" and "Time" on either side of the watch face, while red and black backing, embellished with skulls and stars to delineate the hours, provides a striking bolt of colour.

Created in the second-half of the first decade of the millennium, this watch perfectly captures the essence of the aesthetic and combines it with firm and functional design. With red and black radial stripes on the watch-face for a startling glare of colour, the otherwise monochrome watch is the perfect way to make a statement.

Fabulously detailed: an urban masterpiece!

Band Width 4.0cm (1.6 in)
Circumference 18.0-23.5cm (7-9.2in)
Fastening Buckle
Weight 180 g

Product Code: ULW1

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