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Launched in 2009, the "Alchemy Gothic Empire" steampunk jewellery collection is the perfect blend of Gothic style and science-fiction technology, perfect for the "Geek Technique". Add a twist of archaic technology to your outfit, and you will be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Many pieces of steampunk jewelry have genuine moving parts, giving your Gothic collection a dynamic twist.

The Steampunk jewellery category was given a huge boost in the February 2011 batch of Alchemy Gothic New Releases, with several beautiful new necklaces and earrings added to an already thriving portfolio of technique jewelry. Whether you are looking for an Alchemy classic, or want to be the first to get your hands on a new steampunk piece, we have it here for you.

Browse through the steampunk section below, and don't forget to explore our other categories full of unique gothic jewelry!


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Britannia Gem Ring - R188
A huge sapphire crystal is flanked by the two roaring lions of Britannia, capturing the wealth and strength of an empire long since fallen to dust. Jewelry Details: The gem of this ring measures 1...
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£29.99 £27.59
Cloud Pilot's Sextant Necklace - P694
Claim the skies with this cloud pilot's sextant replica, cast in bronze, copper and pewter for high contrast style. With bat-wing embellishments and a hematine cabachon accent, this pendant is a must-..
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£32.99 £29.99
The Black Baron Technician's Wing Strap - A100
A brown leather strap bears the emblem of the Black baron technical corps: a feathered wing controlled by cogs and gears, cast in pewter and brass for the discerning citizens of the Empire. Jewelle..
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£27.99 £24.95
Spring-Heeled Jill Pendant P662
Extraordinary motoric assistentia shoe of the feminal rejoinder to the revered gaslight fiend of Victorian London. Get industrial with this lost-age chic. Two tone pewter with Swarovski strap and h..
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£29.99 £27.49
Van Helsing Kinetic Vampire-Mosquito Trap Ring R189
An intricately styled cog-wheel mouse trap, for much smaller prey. Catch the blood-sucker with this pewter and brass detailed ring, with a red crystal bearing the evidence of its efficiency. Alchem..
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£49.99 £45.49
Garanel's Tablet Pouch - Engineer LG68
A fabulous bag for the intrepid explorer, the Explorer's edition of Garanel's tablet pouch is hard-wearing canvas with leather embellishments, the perfect size for carrying around the technological..
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£79.98 £75.99
Garanel's Tablet Pouch - Trooper LG69
A brilliant bag for lady and gentleman adventurers, the Trooper edition of Garanel's tablet pouch is genuine leather with metal fastenings and pewter embellishments, the perfect size for carrying a..
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£79.98 £75.99
Pinkington's Precision Warp-Dissection Shears Necklace P669
Running with scissors acquires a whole new edge with these pinking shears of a Steampunk age. The chain is embellished with the tools of the tailor's trade, and the scissors are made intricate and ..
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£49.99 £45.95
Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key Necklace P671
An intricate puzzle piece of a key perfect for the Steampunk age, with gearing detail and elegant decoding key face, the original could open any door. Now this replica, sadly non-functional, is the on..
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£34.99 £32.59
Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece - AW23
Sturdy, rugged leather supports the large, cog-embellished watch-face of this industrial timepiece. With gear-wheel embellishment and a sepia face, this is the ideal watch for the interpid explorer of..
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£80.00 £71.99
Steamhead Ring - R186
The world's first punk automaton has been lobotomised to reveal the inner-most cogwork details of its machinery. All created in intricate pewter detail with a moving gear-wheel mohican. The skull s..
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£36.99 £32.95
Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile - P663
An ingenious, thermally-amplified hookah replica, brain-child of a celebrated London intellect of the late nineteenth century is captured here in resplendant glory for your enjoyment. Cast in tri-t..
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£59.99 £54.95

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