Rings can make a statement or form a subtle display of Gothic beauty. Bedeck your fingers in exquisite pewter work and eye-catching crystal. From the calciferous grin of a gem-encrusted skull to subtle statements of love and intent, Alchemy Gothic capture a variety of messages in their broad portfolio of rings.

As with the rest of their jewellery, Alchemy Gothic give the rings from, each of their ranges a signature sense of style. From the inventive and brass embellished intrigue of the Steampunk rings to the simple yet unquestioning appearance of those of the Metalwear category, the company’s exclusive sense of Gothic style shines through in each piece

To make it easier for you to choose the right ring for you, GlitterGoth has made it possible to filter by size. If you’re unsure what might be the best fit, you can view our ring size information for a printable tape to help you ascertain the correct size ring for you.

We also offer exchanges and refunds on all our items of jewellery, and will be happy to assist you if the ring you purchase is not the right fit.

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Steamhead Ring - R186
The world's first punk automaton has been lobotomised to reveal the inner-most cogwork details of its machinery. All created in intricate pewter detail with a moving gear-wheel Mohican, this ring st..
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£36.99 £29.59 Save 20%
Vamp Ring - R152
A pewter ring is embellished with the pointed fang emblem of the vampire, including the crystal blood gem set into one of the fangs. Solid yet subtle, this is an captivating piece by Alchemy Gothic,..
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£15.99 £12.99 Save 19%
5★ from 4 reviews
Quanta Mechanica Cosmonatallogy Ring, R200
A brass-plated, cog-etched band carries on its face a replica of a rare and beautiful device, designed to quantify the duration of transcendent life and the precise instant of the corporeal demise. ..
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£17.99 £14.49 Save 19%
Mori Noir Ring R179
A large black polished stone is surrounded by smaller white studs crystals to form this stunning monochrome tribute to the Deco Gothique.  Subtly embellished with the words "Momento Mori", t..
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£29.99 £21.99 Save 27%
Betrothal Ring - R134
A blood red enamel heart of passion lies captured at the core of this Alchemy Gothic miniature rococo masterpiece. Celebrate romance with this simple token of affection, beautifully designed and mas..
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£11.99 £10.75 Save 10%
5★ from 2 reviews
Thor's Runehammer Ring - R171
Wield the mighty Mjolnir of long ago, now diminished to miniature form, but still containing the ancient runes of faith and wisdom, speaking of the "Blood" and "Thunder" that once made Thor the grea..
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£15.99 £12.99 Save 19%
5★ from 3 reviews
The Dogaressa's Last Love Ring - R199
An elegant renaissance fleur surmounts the face of this ring, hollow and empty, but catching a suspended blue crystal heart from its tip in a symbol of long lost love. Graceful and touching, this pi..
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£11.99 £9.99 Save 17%
5★ from 1 reviews
Angel's Eye Ring - R124
His deep, sapphire crystal eye is engraved with the pentagram of the seal of the Archangel and voice of God, Metatron. Embellished with beautiful Alchemy Gothic detail and gracefully cast in shining..
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£15.99 £12.99 Save 19%
Bower Troth Ring - R198
A dusky pink crystal cut into the shape of a heart is set into a pewter mount, with twisting vine-work coiling up the band of the ring. A beautiful and subtle nod to the beloved, and perfect for ple..
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£19.99 £17.25 Save 14%
Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring - R154
The guardian of the vampire's nest adorns this ring of pewter and enamel. Wear it with pride and hide its secrets well. Solid cast pewter bears the black and silver enamel seal of the Wyverex in dis..
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£16.99 £13.99 Save 18%
Runeband Ring - R173
Feel the blood of the mighty Norse run in your veins, dark and troublesome. Sense the berserker rage as the truth of the Nordic runes sinks deep into your skin: "Poetry is in battle." Created in ..
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£10.99 £9.99 Save 9%
5★ from 3 reviews
Fleury Cross Ring - R41
A pewter ring of traditional gothic cross design set with appropriate purple cabochon, the Fleury Ring is one of the oldest pieces we have in stock from Alchemy Gothic’s collection. Beautifully simp..
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£15.99 £12.99 Save 19%
In Memorium Ring R145
Express the aching loss of a loved one with this simple black enamel cross ring, constructed in the style of a Victorian mourning ring. Poignant, yet pure. The Gothic cross, subtly pointed at the..
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£15.99 £12.99 Save 19%
The Philosopher's Stone Ring R191
Seek immortal life and eternal power with the Philosopher's stone. Reputed to give the bearer an elixir that will cure all ills, this highly polished square cut crystal gleams within its pewter moun..
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£44.99 £35.99 Save 20%
Mort Etoile Ring - R169
Alchemy Gothic's death-star ring boasts a stellar cut Swarovski crystal overlain with a four skull motif: a doom-laden reminder of the mortality of all. Created in 2011, the Mort Etoile ring was ..
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£18.99 £17.95 Save 5%
Viperstone Ring R193
A two-headed serpent clasps the orange stone in its jaws, each scale intricately detailed around the sanguine glow of the centrepiece.  Snakes have often been used to signify temptation, but..
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£13.99 £11.49 Save 18%
Rabeschadel Ring - R201
The skeletal remains of a Raven’s skull decorate the finger in stunning pewter detail. Sleek and pointed, even in death, the bird seems to speak of ill omens and oracles not yet seen by man. Crea..
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£23.99 £19.59 Save 18%
Victoria's Glad-Rocks Ring R161
A crystal encrusted skull laughs ghoulishly from the band of this ring, lost in the party spirit. With a large central "third eye" white crystal, haloed by smaller gems, the texture of the cast give..
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£17.98 £14.98 Save 17%
Celtic Theurgy Ring - R50
A pewter knotwork band containing intricate, interwoven patterns supports the pentagram emblem: the ultimate symbol of protection. Based on an initiation ring from druidic practices, this ring encap..
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£10.99 £8.99 Save 18%
Roseus Pentagram - R23
A classic black enamelled pentagram, highly polished, and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. Seize the knowledge offered by Alchemy Gothic, and bring yourself a greater understanding of the la..
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£16.50 £13.49 Save 18%
Eye Of The Devil Ring - R24
Make a pact with the devil with this striking yet sinister ring. A deep red, gossamer stone stares back from the band of the ring, while a creased and rough eyelid sheathes the gleaming eyeball of t..
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£12.99 £10.49 Save 19%
Agla Ring R71
Five magical talismans for prophet and protection adorn the beautiful pewter band, with the central Kabbilistic sigilium "Agla" embossed in Alchemy Gothic pewter. This stands for "Thou art mighty, O..
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£12.50 £11.49 Save 8%
GMT Feromonic Field Detector Ring - R147
A replica in brass and pewter of a scientific tuning device found essential for gauging the accurate settings for the successful transposition of matter. With elegant engraving from the Alchemy work..
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£15.50 £11.99 Save 23%
Corruption Ring - R172
Corruption seethes beneath the mire of commerce and industry, and here Alchemy symbolise the evil temptation with a coiled serpent, writhing through the grinning souls of those who line their pocket..
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£16.99 £13.99 Save 18%