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Check out the latest Alchemy Gothic jewelry releases: stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to add to your personal collection. Be the first to get your hands on these beautiful new designs and set the latest Gothic jewelry trends!

Alchemy Gothic normally launch their new products in the February and September of any given year, and can add as many as thirty items to their already extensive catalogue of Gothic jewellery. Availability of the new releases varies, depending on the manufacturing process, but if an item is unavailable then GlitterGoth is happy to take pre-orders or to provide a back in stock notification service. 

September 2012 New Releases

Alchemy Gothic have just begun launching their new releases, which will gradually be listed below. All items are currently available to pre-order, or to subscribe to for back in stock notifications.


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O Fortuna Necklace - P693
Fortune favours the brave, and this pentragramical star carries white fire at its heart. Feathered wings, intricately detailed, unfurl either side, carrying with them luck's bright gleam. bedecke..
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£12.99 £11.99
Love Imprisoned Necklace - P692
A red crystal heart lies, caught and hung, in a framework of faux barbed-wire, all cast from intricate pewter and elegantly twisted to form a striking, symbolic shape. Simple, yet savagely effective. ..
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£21.99 £19.99
Faith and Love Necklace - P691
Faith and love lie hand-in-hand, eternally changed. One's joy reflects in the other, and so does grief find them both. A cross hangs suspended from the looped chain, with black and red crystal hearts ..
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£27.99 £26.95
Inamorato Locket - P690
A deliciously rococo locked heart and key hang from a ribbon, entwined with pewter vine-work and embellished with white crystal and skull details. Locked away for your viewing pleasure is the rimless ..
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£44.99 £41.25
A Rose For Eve Necklace - P689
A golden serpent holds the stem of the noir rose of temptation, luring in the wearer with sibilant promises of all that could be. Lose yourself to Alchemy's elegant craftsmanship with this beautiful&n..
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£21.99 £19.99
Serpent's Eye Necklace - P688
Three serpents coil lovingly around a central marbled jewel, their sinuous bodies creating an elegant scroll-work frame from which a single ruby crystal falls. With hints of tribal patterns and Alchem..
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£25.99 £23.59
Black Trinity Trident Necklace - P686
A crude, brutal design encapsulates the harsh glory of the oceans with this black trident design. There are no illusions of grandeur in the sharp points of the trinity of the trident, cast in aged pew..
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£12.99 £11.95
Flaming V Necklace - P685
Triumph screams in the chords of this V guitar, enshrined in pewter flames and carrying all the symbolism of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Simple yet stylish, and hung on a leather cord for maximum imp..
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£13.99 £12.95
Crucifacation Necklace - P682
This simple yet striking figure splits his skeletal self asunder. reminiscent of Roman punishment and pirate pillaging, this bold X marks the spot where all life ends. A pewter cast skeleton is hung o..
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£12.99 £11.95
A Murder Of Crows Necklace - P677
A raucous murder of crows spread their wings, ebony feathers flashed with crystal accents as the central bird crowns a large white crystal. Cast in stunning black pewter, the intricate details of the ..
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£54.99 £51.25
Heart Of An Angel Hair Screw - HSC2
The heart of an angel lies gleaming between two unfurled wings, the ideal embellishment for any hairstyle of elegance. A multifaceted crystal gleams brightly from its pewter mount. Hairscrew D..
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£13.99 £12.98
Black Rose Studs - E339
A beautiful black rose unfurls for your devotion, sable petals elegantly ruffled to capture your dark desires close to their hearts. High gloss black-pewter, for added eye-catching potential. Jewel..
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£7.99 £7.49

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