New Releases

The 2016 Spring New Releases are here and ready to pre-order. A stunning array of new creations await you: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to add to your personal collection. Be the first to get your hands on these beautiful new designs and own the latest in style and glamour from the English workshops.

New releases from Alchemy Gothic launch in the February and September of any given year, and can add as many as thirty or forty items to their already extensive catalogue of Gothic jewellery. From chokers and lockets to ear-wraps, bracelets and rings, there is always something in the new guard to take your breath away!

This year, Alchemy Gothic are returning to their Gothic roots, with more traditional macabre themes featuring heavily in their jewellery. Working in harmony with their captivating design ideas, they have created a collection which harks back to the founding days of Alchemy Gothic, where the sinister and sumptuous combine with ease.

The availability of the new releases varies, depending on the manufacturing process, but if an item is unavailable then GlitterGoth is happy to take pre-orders or to provide a back in stock notification service, so that you know as soon as your heart's desire becomes available. Just visit the product page for more information.

At GlitterGoth, we view the new releases with the same passion and excitement as many of Alchemy’s fans, and try as hard as we can to make sure these new delights are available for you to purchase as quickly as possible.

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Aethera Draconem Necklace - P756
The fifth element gleams red in the claws of the Aethera Draconem pendant from Alchemy Gothic. With flared wings and vivid scales, the Ether Dragon guards the fifth element of the world: the spirit ..
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£28.99 £23.99 Save 17%
Autokinetic Literankh Necklace - P755
The Autokinetic Literankh from Alchemy Gothic's Empire collection is a must-have for anyone of a creative frame of mind. Formed in the shape of an ankh with cabochon and cogwheel embellishments, the..
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£27.99 £22.99 Save 18%
Skullhammer Necklace - P754
A might Mjolnir formed of the skulls of the fallen lies suspended on a fixed curb pewter chain. The Skullhammer pendan tfrom Alchemy Gothic is a brutal rendition of warfare and triumph, all ren..
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£11.99 £9.99 Save 17%
Stryx Necklace - P753
The Stryx necklace from Alchemy Gothic features the wise owl, companion to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Carry with it the knowledge of the ages, this fearsome bird is an intimately close esc..
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£44.99 £36.99 Save 18%
Rabeschadel Klein Necklace - P752
The Rabeschadel Klein pendant from Alchemy Gothic is a tiny token of respect for the mystical Raven. The black corvid is well known by its mystical and prophetic reputation, capable of foretelling d..
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£9.99 £8.49 Save 15%
Geistalon Necklace - P751
The thundering phantom of an armoured cataphract unicorn forms the Geistalon necklace from Alchemy Gothic. Skeletal and nightmarish, the armoured collar sports chains and a mace, while plated armour..
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£19.99 £16.49 Save 18%
Shred Attack Necklace - P750
A screaming skull protrudes from the shape of the guitar in this Shred Attack necklace from Alchemy Gothic: the epitome of rock and roll. With believable contouring, engraved strings and frets, and ..
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£13.99 £11.99 Save 14%
Artemisia Absinthium Clock - V22
Fall beneath the spell of the Absinthian spirit, and lose yourself to the oblivion of the green elixir. Walk in the footsteps of those who used to live in Bohemian Montmartre, and celebrate the trea..
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£29.99 £23.99 Save 20%
Ruah Vered Goblet - AAG51
Life and love combine in the symbol of the blooming rose, heavy and passionate, growing through the pentagram of balance and power. A heady combination designed to intoxicate; this textured, symboli..
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£27.99 £23.99 Save 14%
Le Vert De Minuit Shotglass - ACWT11
The green hues of the midnight hour fall upon you, where revenants and hedonistic souls continue to dance. The soft green glass of this new shotglass from Alchemy Gothic brings to mind the enthralli..
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£13.99 £11.49 Save 18%
Magic Purse - LG73
A prophetic message on the interpretation of truth from dreams is printed across the face of this circular bag, with a Cabalistic pentagram overlaid on top in striking grey print. Undeniably mysteri..
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£34.99 £27.99 Save 20%
RavenJager Bag - LG72
A leather strap supports this classic, canvas huntsman’s shoulder bag. The thick black fabric is designed for everyday use, and embellished with Alchemy Gothic’s striking raven details. A pewter rav..
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£79.99 £63.99 Save 20%