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Check out the latest Alchemy Gothic jewelry releases: stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to add to your personal collection. Be the first to get your hands on these beautiful new designs and set the latest Gothic jewelry trends!

Alchemy Gothic normally launch their new products in the February and September of any given year, and can add as many as thirty items to their already extensive catalogue of Gothic jewellery. Availability of the new releases varies, depending on the manufacturing process, but if an item is unavailable then GlitterGoth is happy to take pre-orders or to provide a back in stock notification service. 

September 2012 New Releases

Alchemy Gothic have just begun launching their new releases, which will gradually be listed below. All items are currently available to pre-order, or to subscribe to for back in stock notifications.


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Smoke Dragon Hair Screw HSC1
Spread the wings of your imagination wit this fantastical creature depicted in pewter. Mounted on a hari screw it makes the perfect accent for any elegant hairstyle. Hairscrew Details: To..
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£11.99 £10.99
Black Cherry Earrings ULFE20
Carmine enamel bleeds ruby-red in these beguiling cherry earrings, but a dark shadow looks out from the depths. Take a bite of the poison apple, and see where the path to the next life takes you. J..
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£14.99 £13.49
Black Raven Earrings E333
Dark winds spread wide to cast a sultry shadow with these soaring corvid earrings. Make sure your admirers do not underestimate your character with these aged pewter accessories. Jewellery Dim..
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£7.99 £7.49
Helm Of Awe Ravenskull Necklace P687
A weather-worn raven's skull, cast in fine English pewter, has been carved with the stave symbol "Aegishjalmur", meaning hte Helf Of Awe. An ancient Icelandic runic symbol to induce fear and protect a..
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£18.99 £16.50
Black Cherry Necklace - ULFP19
Twin skulls gleam from cherry enamel depths, capturing death within the fruit of life with painful ease. Strung on a red ribbon with red crystal details, with pewter stems tied with a silver bow. J..
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£19.99 £18.29
High Ball Pendant - ULP39
Carry with you the winning shot with this 8 ball pendant, cast in black enamel with traditional styling and hung on a leather cord. Jewellery details to follow. All jewelry is sold in its origin..
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£15.99 £14.59
Dragon Lure Head Studs - E340
A pair of tiny dragon heads, identical to those in the dragon's lure earring, for a touch of dragonish style in a simpler style. Jewellery Details: This pair of earrings requires one piercing hole ..
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£6.99 £6.50
Flocking Raven Ring - R197
The flocking raven makes its demands, wings spread and beak parted. Detailed in black pewter for that striking appearance, it is a perfect companion to its matching pieces. The raven motif measures 1...
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£14.99 £13.59
Cross Of Iron Ring R196
Jagged teeth rise form the band of this ring, surmounted by the harsh lines of a Maltese cross, with additional spiked detail. Unforgiving and demanding of respect, the Iron Cross ring takes no prison..
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£15.99 £13.99
Starchaser Ring - R190
The slick scales of this dragon wrap around the finger as it chases the bright green gem to catch it in its jaws. Elegant and flowing, this is a beautiful addition to the collection. Ring measureme..
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£15.99 £13.99
Britannia Gem Ring - R188
A huge sapphire crystal is flanked by the two roaring lions of Britannia, capturing the wealth and strength of an empire long since fallen to dust. Jewelry Details: The gem of this ring measures 1...
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£29.99 £27.59
Cloud Pilot's Sextant Necklace - P694
Claim the skies with this cloud pilot's sextant replica, cast in bronze, copper and pewter for high contrast style. With bat-wing embellishments and a hematine cabachon accent, this pendant is a must-..
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£32.99 £29.99

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