New Releases

The 2016 Autumn New Releases are here and ready to pre-order. A stunning array of new creations await you: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to add to your personal collection. Be the first to get your hands on these beautiful new designs and own the latest in style and glamour from the English workshops.

New releases from Alchemy Gothic launch in the February and September of any given year, and can add as many as thirty or forty items to their already extensive catalogue of Gothic jewellery. From chokers and lockets to ear-wraps, bracelets and rings, there is always something in the new guard to take your breath away!

This year, Alchemy Gothic are returning to their Gothic roots, with more traditional macabre themes featuring heavily in their jewellery. Working in harmony with their captivating design ideas, they have created a collection which harks back to the founding days of Alchemy Gothic, where the sinister and sumptuous combine with ease.

The availability of the new releases varies, depending on the manufacturing process, but if an item is unavailable then GlitterGoth is happy to take pre-orders or to provide a back in stock notification service, so that you know as soon as your heart's desire becomes available. Just visit the product page for more information.

At GlitterGoth, we view the new releases with the same passion and excitement as many of Alchemy’s fans, and try as hard as we can to make sure these new delights are available for you to purchase as quickly as possible.

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Jormungand Necklace - P774
In Norse mythology, Jormungandr also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrbooa and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki'..
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£10.99 £8.50 Save 23%
Claddagh By Night Necklace - P781
Love, Friendship and Loyalty vouchsafed from the underworld, in the ancient Irish tradition. The original symbol was first produced as a ring, in the west coast village of Claddah in the 17th centur..
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£24.99 £21.99 Save 12%
Clutching Life Necklace - P776
Hopelessly grasping at anything seen to glow with the light of life, the deathly hand clings to eternal hope. A small pewter pendant of a skeletal hand holding a topaz purple glass orb. On a 2..
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£9.99 £8.50 Save 15%
The Black Swan Romance Necklace - P773
Thrown together by time, events and circumstances beyond coincidence - the rarest of all affairs; highly unlikely, impossible to predict and with the most profoundly momentous effect. A high-lit ..
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£16.99 £14.99 Save 12%
Draig O Gariad Necklace - P772
Distilled romance; wild Celtic passion, fought for and guarded with the strength of a dragon defending the ancient mountains and valleys of Wales. A large pewter pectoral necklace of a swirling, ..
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£54.99 £43.99 Save 20%
Amourankh Necklace - P770
Love Forever; The ancient Egyptian amulet and symbol of eternity, the Ankh, is combined with the heart of romantic love to form a powerful talisman for everlasting romance. A small, lightweight, ..
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£18.99 £15.99 Save 16%
Cunning Heart Necklace - P768
A white witch's talismanic hex for the attraction and protection of romantic love - the cunning, folkloric combination of the symbols for a heart and a pentagram, to attract powerful, positive spiri..
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£14.99 £12.99 Save 13%
Voodoo Doll Necklace - P769
Of ancient European origin, the traditional Folk Magic way to destroy a witch's power; and with the aid of a grimoire, inflict precision injury upon those against them... An antiqued pewter penda..
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£18.99 £15.99 Save 16%
Black Star Necklace - P775
Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even beyond life. A pewter, black enamelled, medium-sized pentagram pendant. On a 21"/48cm t..
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£11.99 £9.99 Save 17%
Uniskull Necklace - P777
The true nature of the legendary unicorn of antiquity reveals a perfectly ferocious creature, capable of being pacified, and captured, only by a virgin. An antiqued pewter, 3D modelled pendant of..
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£17.99 £14.99 Save 17%
Armageddon Necklace - P778
The battle at the end of time - the Book of Revelation. The unlucky number in Italy is 17; from its Roman numeral, reordered into "VIXI" cryptically translates to "I am dead". An antiqued pewt..
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£8.99 £8.50 Save 5%
ChaoCrucis Necklace - P779
The cross of faith combined with the pre-eminent star of chaos, in high-gothic style, suggesting a strangely nonconformist view of the ideology. An two-tone, antiqued pewter pendant of a gothic t..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Hand Of Macbeth Necklace - P780
Beware the seduction of ultimate power - megalomania will bring about your own downfall. The blade is engraved with "1606", the year that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, a bloody tragedy of the brave ..
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£8.99 £7.99 Save 11%
Planchette Necklace - P766
Technology from the 19th century seance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead through the 'talking board', and discovering mysteries on the other side... ICU! A pewter pendant ..
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£19.99 £17.49 Save 13%
Demon Black & Angel White Rings - R212
On each ring (sold as a pair) are inscribed seven signatures; one of angels, the other of 'demons'. The silver ring bears the seven traditional Archangels, or Planetary Angels; Michael, Gabr..
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£12.99 £10.99 Save 15%
Clavitraction Earrings - E377
The archetypal reflection of steampunk ethos; a combined, mechanistic cog of retro industrial progress with a key of intricate, clockwork precision. A pair of small, antique bronze finished pewte..
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£9.99 £8.50 Save 15%
My Soul From The Shadow Earrings - E380
The mysterious chance visit of a raven is witness to a forlorn young lover's desperate search for reason and hope, following the tragic loss of his beloved. Alchemy's rendition of Edgar Allan P..
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£26.99 £22.00 Save 18%
Thor Donner Cuff Stud - E381
The intricate skills of the Norsemen jewel-smiths are invoked here with the precision, miniature Thor's hammer bearing the runic inscription 'Thor', and its stylised shackled cuff inscribed with the..
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£9.99 £8.50 Save 15%
Thor Hammer Studs - E384
The intricate skills of the Norsemen jewel-smiths are invoked here with the precision, miniature Thor's hammer, bearing the runic inscription 'Thor'. A pair of pewter ear studs of Thor's hammers ..
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£8.99 £7.99 Save 11%
A Night With Goethe - E376
Nocturnal stirrings, returning from the grave in search of a lost lover, the creature roams. Stories of revenant life consumed the world of 18th century Europe, with Goethe voicing the unspeakable....
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£12.99 £10.49 Save 19%
Fairy Grove Ear Wrap - E389
A whispering fairy familiar, your constant friend and benevolent guide ensuring your safety and success in all ventures. A polished, antiqued pewter ear-wrap of a fairy whispering into your ear, ..
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£15.99 £13.49 Save 16%
Rosa Nocta Cuff Stud - E382
The amorous magical properties of a combined pentagram and a black rose are as obscure as they are powerful, with myths suggesting control over future lovers, to the invocation of the demon Prince S..
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£9.99 £8.50 Save 15%
Arboreus Ear Wrap - E390
An elf's ear, disposed to the natural surroundings of such a creature, in the form of a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. A polished, antiqued pewter pointed elf-ear-shape..
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£14.99 £12.99 Save 13%
Claddagh By Night Ring - R210
Love, Friendship and Loyalty vouchsafed from the underworld, in the ancient Irish tradition. Pewter ring portraying a gothic version of the Irish Claddagh; two skeletal hands encircling the finge..
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£14.99 £11.99 Save 20%