Whatever neckwear you prefer, you can find the ideal match for casual or formal-wear within our necklace collection. We include all the details you need to make an informed choice, including the length of the chain, and how far below the hollow of the throat your necklace will hang. So please browse through our collection and see if you can find the perfect piece of jewellery for you. You can either choose from the categories listed, or view the master list at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot find the necklace you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We make frequent orders to Alchemy Gothic, and we would be delighted to order the jewellery you require, with no obligation to make a purchase.

We hold all our jewellery stock personally, so we can offer prompt dispatch and get your item to you as soon as possible.


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Aqua Dragon Necklace  - P646
Deep in the abyssal plains of the oceans and rivers of the world, water dragons lie in wait to feed the earth with their life-giving flow. Pay honour to these ancient spirits with the Aqua Dragon p..
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£37.99 £34.95
Deception Necklace - P645
Translucent red and blue enamel sit in a silver mask frame with crystal embellishments, a subtle guise for the guile and duplicity that lies beneath to tempt revellers away from the festivities and..
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£44.99 £40.99
Marie Antoinette Necklace - P644
 Viva La Revolucion! A large siam crystal lies at the heart of this baroque masterpiece and, hung from it, is an elegantly depicted guilottine blade: the last kiss for the French queen. Three ..
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£39.99 £36.52
Libellestein Necklace - P643
Dragonfly stone; the lure of clear crystal water to this beautifully ephemeral creature parodies the temptation of all love. A dragonfly encircles the large crystal, its fine brass wings spread as cry..
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£42.99 £38.97
Ingenieurial Elegance Necklace - P642
A cascade of cogs and crystals hang in tri-tone pewter from this industrial chain, enriched with glass rod detail to capture the beauty that lies at the heart of industry. In styles reminiscent of the..
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£54.99 £49.99
Memento For A Highwayman Necklace, P641
Captured in silver scroll-work, the clearcoat enamel cameo of an unknown rake, one whom you could not help but love, lies in splendour. Hung from it, a clockwork heart and brass-etched, copper-plat..
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£34.99 £31.92
She Walks In Beauty Choker - P640
The impressively mounted central black onyx is captured in silver and encircled by a line from Lord Byron's inestimable pen. All hung on a black lace ribbon with stunningly elegant gold scroll-work fo..
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£47.99 £43.95
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Sovay Locket - P639
A blood red crystal holds, suspended, a beautifully intricate derringer gun replica with hidden swivel compartment in the handle. Perfect for a bold lady's deadly pleasure. All strung elegantly upo..
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£52.99 £47.69
Tears Of Grief Necklace - P638
A pewter mounted amethyst heart bleeds crosses of mourning in two-tone pewter for the passing of a beloved, gone now into the grasp of the other-world. Three elaborate crosses hang down from the ce..
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£47.99 £43.95
Heart Of Darkness Necklace - P552
The vampire slayer's essential protection in pendant form. Crossed pewter stakes bisect in the centre of the vampire's heart, enhanced with crystal blood drops and bat details, all hung on a rosary..
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£26.99 £24.95
Rose Heart Necklace ULFP15
A beautiful enamel rose heart pendant curves intricately, enhanced on either side by satin rose creations. An iconic piece of passion and love. Jewellery Details: This beautiful pendant is hung..
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£29.99 £27.85
El Corazon Necklace ULFP14
The blue, burning heart of El Corazon is held aloft by exquisite pewter articulated wings, burning with tropical blues and covered by gilt script work. One of Alchemy Gothic's masterpieces. Jew..
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£39.99 £36.45

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