Whatever neckwear you prefer, you can find the ideal match for casual or formal-wear within our necklace collection. We include all the details you need to make an informed choice, including the length of the chain, and how far below the hollow of the throat your necklace will hang. So please browse through our collection and see if you can find the perfect piece of jewellery for you. You can either choose from the categories listed, or view the master list at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot find the necklace you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We make frequent orders to Alchemy Gothic, and we would be delighted to order the jewellery you require, with no obligation to make a purchase.

We hold all our jewellery stock personally, so we can offer prompt dispatch and get your item to you as soon as possible.


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Swallow Duster - ULFP18
A copper-plated knuckle-duster provides the power behind this pendant's punch, embellished with bright pewter and pale blue Swarovski crystals. Elegant yet brutal. Jewellery Measurements: This ..
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£21.99 £19.27
Geronimo - ULP36
Capture the Do-Or-Die spirit of the ancient warrior, forever embattled in his defence of all that mankind holds dear. With exquisite feather headdress and skull details, this a stunning creation of..
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£15.99 £13.59
Snake Of Aces - ULP37
A copper serpent captures the ace of spades in it leviathan curls. Hold onto your luck, because you're about to need it. The copper-plated serpent writhes around the pewter and enamel card. Jew..
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£22.99 £20.99
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Death Valley ULP38
A grinning, calciferous skull mounted on crossed spanner-bones is crowned with an aviator's cap: the hellrider, who neither door nor dominion can stop. Cast in two tone pewter for extra impact. ..
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£22.99 £20.99
Plague-Master Necklace P652
Death walks abroad and boils in the blood, carried ever onward by the plague-master. The rat brings with it the pestilence of the world's greatest pandemic that decimated Europe and lingers still t..
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£14.99 £13.50
Blackadder Necklace - P653
The viper of deceit entwines its sinuous form around the heraldic device: a dark cross of sedition. Worn by those in power and steeped in corruption, always out for their own gain, this crude penda..
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£12.99 £11.99
Skullcrusher Necklace - P654
Cleave the head from spinal column, spill the life that lies within. Skullcrusher is the bat emblazoned axe of a sixteenth century warrior from the Dark Forests of the east, where brutality and sur..
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£14.99 £13.49
Twilight Necklace - P655
A mother of pearl hangs suspended, caught amidst the starlight and the vellum curl of the bat swarm's wings. Twilight has fallen, and with it come the dangerous liaisons of lovers and enemies alike..
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£32.99 £29.99
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Amon-Ra Necklace - P656
Amon-Ra, Ancient Egyptian god of creativity and fertility is captured here in flowing two-tone pewter. Astronomically related to the constellation Aries, born of fire and war, this pendant represent r..
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£39.99 £36.25
Dudley's Jewel Necklace - P657
The celebrated courtier of Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley, bore his rapier with pride and courage.  Two tone pewter is strung in elegant design around a stunning Swarovski crystal centre-piece, en..
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£37.99 £33.95
Isaiah 14:29 Necklace -  P658
The Philistines quake beneath the eye of God as it bears witness to their misdeeds. Created in multi-tonal pewter to denote wealth, with a blood red eye at its crest, this pendant blends cultures w..
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£27.99 £24.95
Gothic Matrimony Necklace - P659
Tie the knot in the cord of two souls with this suitably macabre tribute to the establishment. A skull-mounted pewter articulated bow carries crystal accents in delicate tones to indicate the morta..
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£32.99 £29.98

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