Whatever neckwear you prefer, you can find the ideal match for casual or formal-wear within our necklace collection. We include all the details you need to make an informed choice, including the length of the chain, and how far below the hollow of the throat your necklace will hang. So please browse through our collection and see if you can find the perfect piece of jewellery for you. You can either choose from the categories listed, or view the master list at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot find the necklace you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We make frequent orders to Alchemy Gothic, and we would be delighted to order the jewellery you require, with no obligation to make a purchase.

We hold all our jewellery stock personally, so we can offer prompt dispatch and get your item to you as soon as possible.


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Croix Sinestre Necklace P403
Simplicity is power as embodied by this Gothic style grave cross, embellished with red crystal and strung at a til on a fixed chain to remind hte wearer of a cleaving, vampiric stake. Jewellery Mea..
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£10.99 £9.99
Balkan Revenant's Cross P482
The power of orthodox religion bleeds through the metal of this inscribed cross, inlayed with protective, amuletic sigils and provincial names for the vampire; vlokoslak, upir, vrykolakas & str..
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£17.98 £15.99
Speculum Necklace N182
A large disc mirror reveals the truth of the beauty perched before it, with a latin inscription around the rim which reads "All things change and we with them". Brace yourself for the truth which t..
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£24.99 £22.95
Spring-Heeled Jill Pendant P662
Extraordinary motoric assistentia shoe of the feminal rejoinder to the revered gaslight fiend of Victorian London. Get industrial with this lost-age chic. Two tone pewter with Swarovski strap and h..
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£29.99 £27.49
Ankh Of Tau Necklace - P508
The wisdom of the twisting serpent, picked out in gold-plate, combines with the cross of Tau to form the Egyptian Ankh: a symbol of immortal life and divine wisdom. Simple, yet memorable, this classic..
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£15.99 £14.99
Coeur Noir Necklace - P410
Love's dark heart takes flight, with a petite black enamel heart crested by the far-flung spread of two pewter wings, intricately detailed with feathers. A beautiful little necklace, fully adjustable ..
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£17.50 £15.99
Rod of Asclepius Necklace - P529
The omnipotent Greek god of healing is given pewter form in this simple yet striking pendant, a now-defunct perfect contianer for secret poisons or elixial potions. A glass vial with cork stopper i..
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£20.99 £18.95
Huntsman's Man-Tamer Necklace P672
Elegance and execution combine with this two-tone pendant, portraying an open switch-blade dripping with red crystal blood. Copper-toned, the razor is supported by an intricate pewter tracery, comb..
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£44.99 £41.29
Vanitas Memento Mori Locket Necklace P673
A symbollic union of life and death make up the face of this locket, while the serpent of temptation writhes between the two, luring mortal flesh and immortal soul alike. Claim your side with this ..
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£24.99 £21.95
Black Dahlia Choker P674
A bloom of death, holding a pewter skull at its heart, is cradled by a lace choker band, with skull charms hanging from black-beaded chains. Mourn the living and the dead with this eye-catching and..
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£44.99 £41.95
Moulin Rouge Vampire Necklace P667
Be seduced by the true femme fatale. Stylised vampire wings are interlaced with black ribbon, reminiscent of corset strings, while a rich aquamarine hangs, suspended and tempting, from the pendant'..
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£37.99 £34.59
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Catoptrauma Necklace P668
Death's true reflection is carried in the cracks of this pendant's polished face. Framed in intricate baroque swathes with green and black crystal accents, this bold yet decadent piece is a stunnin..
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£39.99 £36.79

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