The Steampunk Empire collection from Alchemy Gothic is a stunning nod to the technical past and what could have been. Take a trip to a world where steam is still the driving force, and see these gorgeously detailed replica items from Alchemy Gothic's Empire. Many include genuine moving parts, giving an extra dynamic edge to your accessories, and are detailed with brass and copper for additional colour and intrigue.

Lockets and pendants are both used as canvases for these beautiful concepts, and many long-chained items provide an alternative take on necklace design. Each often contains cogwork and crenelated design elements, providing a tactile and engaging experience, while the core designs feature iconic images from the Victorian era, from the penny farthing to literary quotes.

Featuring cut glass embellishments, as well as crystals, these necklaces offer a real talking point and feature the best of Alchemy Gothic’s innovative design techniques. Capturing elements appropriate to the Victorian era and merging them with modern ideals, it’s the perfect opportunity to own something a little bit special, even by Alchemy standards.

The full details of each piece, including size and chain length, can be found in the product specifications and descriptions, which the GlitterGoth team make as detailed as possible to help you make the right choice. If you have any queries, please send the team and email, and we will do our best to help you.

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Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum Necklace - P724
A heart-stopping new addition to the Alchemy Empire range, the Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum necklace is an extravaganza of cogwork, cast to represent the planets and heavenly bodies in their orbit. ..
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£44.99 £37.12 Save 17%
Cloud Pilot's Sextant Necklace - P694
Claim the skies with this cloud pilot's sextant replica, cast in bronze, copper and pewter for high contrast style. With bat-wing embellishments and a hematine cabachon accent, this pendant is a mus..
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£32.99 £26.99 Save 18%
Trap Jaw Pendant - ULP3
A three-dimensional skull hangs on a plaited leather chord, with unique articulated jaw and intricate tooth details. The sad remnants of a man cursed to talk himself to death. This smooth pendant, c..
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£14.99 £12.29 Save 18%
Pinkington's Precision Warp-Dissection Shears Necklace P669
Running with scissors acquires a whole new edge with these pinking shears of a Steampunk age. The chain is embellished with the tools of the tailor's trade, and the scissors are made intricate and t..
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£49.99 £40.49 Save 19%
Septagramic Coercion Gearwheel Key Necklace P671
An intricate puzzle piece of a key perfect for the Steampunk age, with gearing detail and elegant decoding key face, the original could open any door. Now this replica, sadly non-functional, is the ..
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£34.99 £28.49 Save 19%
Steamhammer Necklace - P592
Take Mjolnir into the modern age with this stunning Steamhammer pendant. Level mountains in a single blow and tame the wild terrain to your industrial revolution. With intricate brass cog-work detai..
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£29.99 £24.29 Save 19%
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