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Bindrune Hammer Pendant - P338
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Bindrune Hammer Pendant - P338 Bindrune Hammer Pendant - P338
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Energy, courage, potency and conquest are the ancient runic inscriptions on the Bindrune Hammer necklace; essential magics for the unfathomable Gods of the ancient Norse pantheon. Calling on the power of Thor, the necklace takes on the symbolic form of Mjolnir, the mighty hammer. It symbolises strength and fortitude as well as conviction.

Forged in two-tone pewter, the design creates layers of contrast in polished silver and black aging, giving the pendant a rugged appearance. All strung on a coil chain, it offers a glimpse of the primitive yet beautiful artistry of those who built their lives around the Norse myths.

Created in 2002, this substantial pendant is a nod to the ancient gods, and the heroes who fought with them and against them. It is a reminder that even though they have begun to fade, we still remember the ancient stories, and we respect their glory and morality.

Pendant Height 4.2cm 1.6 in)
Pendant Width 3cm (1.2 in)
Pendant Fall 4.5 cm (1.8 in)
Chain Information Coiled chain with lobster clasp
Weight 74 g

Product Code: P338

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