Bestia Regalis Necklace - P577

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Bestia Regalis Necklace - P577
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Bestia Regalis Necklace - P577 Bestia Regalis Necklace - P577
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The second guardian of the ornate entrance to the Otherworld is this beautiful beast. With articulated wings, she holds a single emerald Swarovski crystal in the curve of her tail. Finely detailed scales and spines cover her body, and her fangs are bared to see off intruders.

The Bestia Regalis necklace lives up to its name, creating a royal display. Elegant furrows on the wings provide the illusion of tendons, and the sweeping upper curve offers a flattering silhouette. The twisted coils of the dragon’s body hang free on a chain link beneath the wings, lending this pendant a dynamic sense of movement and flight.

Created in 2010, Alchemy Gothic have produced a breath-taking blend of sinuous beauty and spiked threat, blending folklore of dragons to create this uniquely fearsome beast. The high-shine polish to the peaks of the casting provide a sense of depth and vitality, making this one of the most eye-catching pieces in our collection.

Pendant Height 8.3cm (3.2 in)
Pendant Width 8.7cm (3.4 in)
Pendant Fall 11.6cm (4.5 in)
Chain Information Fixed curb chain with lobster clasp
Stone Colour Green crystal
Weight 90 g

Product Code: P577

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