Alchemy Gothic necklaces are a mainstay of their collection, and the perfect canvas for the expression of their intricate and boundary-pushing design. Whether it’s inspired by the sinister shapes of morbid imagery or the elegant curves of Gothic creatures, there are a plethora of items to choose from.

Long chains and sleek satin ribbons act as the anchor for a number of pendants. With various lengths, from chains that trail down the whole torso to the snug, intimate fit of the choker, Alchemy Gothic’s creative efforts span the entire spectrum of necklace construction.

Steampunk designs make use of brass and copper for that antiqued, technological style, while the classic ranges brims with gleaming polished pewter and the bright shine of crystals. The androgynous style of the Metal Wear collection relies on the organic gleam of dull pewter and hints of leather, while UL13/UL17 brings bright splashes of coloured enamel and gleaming metalwork to the fore.

Although sold singly, many of these necklaces form part of a set. Any related products are included on the product page, so you can be sure you’re not missing out.

Whatever neckwear you prefer, you can find the ideal match for casual or formal-wear within our necklace collection. We include all the details you need to make an informed choice, including the length of the chain, and how far below the hollow of the throat your new pendant will fall.

However, if you would like more information on any of our products, please email the GlitterGoth Team and we will do our best to answer your queries.

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Unforgiven Neck Tie - ULP43
The Unforgiven Neck Tie from Alchemy Gothic is a new twist on an old design. The twisted cord tie is slender and snakelike, its smooth texture complementing the skull capped finials that seal off th..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Unlock My Heart Necklace - ULFP24
The Unlock My Heart necklace by Alchemy Gothic is a triumph of modern design and materials. The impenetrable form of the diamond is cast in unforgettable geometric lines, crystalline and beautiful. ..
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£18.99 £15.99 Save 16%
Villa Diodati Necklace - P765
Villa Diodati, the birthplace of Dracula. The silent, candlelit darkness is host to the creatures of the night, their tattered wings belying their age in this stunning scorched pewter necklace from ..
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£17.99 £15.99 Save 11%
The Green Goddess Necklace - P763
The Green Goddess necklace by Alchemy Gothic is a wanton celebration of the power of absinthe. The six-winged fairy, reminiscent of a dragonfly, holds aloft a gleaming drop of the elixir, awaiting h..
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£29.99 £23.99 Save 20%
The Shadow Of Zennor Necklace - P762
Forever mourning the lost love of the man who followed her beneath the waves, The Shadow Of Zennor necklace from Alchemy Gothic depicts a skeletal mermaid. Her human ribs and fishtail bones are embe..
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£37.99 £31.49 Save 17%
Ghost Seer Necklace - P760
A black enamel raven flies, its wings far-flung with a pewter pentacle gleaming behind it in this Ghost Seer necklace from Alchemy Gothic. This bird of the supernatural Otherworld is the perfect gui..
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£12.99 £10.50 Save 19%
Lucky In Love Necklace - P759
Be lucky in love when the aces are high with Alchemy Gothic. The familiar, delicate shape of the suit if spades is represented in pewter filigree, intricately detailed with curves and finials. Captu..
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£13.99 £11.49 Save 18%
Mercy Cross Necklace - ULP45
The Mercy Cross necklace from Alchemy Gothic is a striking new addition to their UL13 range. Bold and brazen, the blunt lines of the cross are inlaid with bronze enamel, while a cross lies in profil..
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£18.99 £15.49 Save 18%
Black Rosifix Necklace - P758
Four black enamel roses crown the tips of this beautiful Black Rosifix necklace from Alchemy Gothic, and at its core gleams a red crystal heart: the harbinger of passion. All strung on a curb chain ..
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£29.99 £23.99 Save 20%
Villa Diodati Chained Necklace - P757
On the edge of Lake Geneva stands the Villa Diodati, birthplace of the story of Dracula. Fluttering from the shadows comes Alchemy Gothic's latest creation. The Matte black bat, with its tattered wi..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Aethera Draconem Necklace - P756
The fifth element gleams red in the claws of the Aethera Draconem pendant from Alchemy Gothic. With flared wings and vivid scales, the Ether Dragon guards the fifth element of the world: the spirit ..
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£28.99 £23.99 Save 17%
Autokinetic Literankh Necklace - P755
The Autokinetic Literankh from Alchemy Gothic's Empire collection is a must-have for anyone of a creative frame of mind. Formed in the shape of an ankh with cabochon and cogwheel embellishments, the..
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£27.99 £22.99 Save 18%
Skullhammer Necklace - P754
A might Mjolnir formed of the skulls of the fallen lies suspended on a fixed curb pewter chain. The Skullhammer pendan tfrom Alchemy Gothic is a brutal rendition of warfare and triumph, all ren..
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£11.99 £9.99 Save 17%
Stryx Necklace - P753
The Stryx necklace from Alchemy Gothic features the wise owl, companion to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Carry with it the knowledge of the ages, this fearsome bird is an intimately close esc..
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£44.99 £36.99 Save 18%
Rabeschadel Klein Necklace - P752
The Rabeschadel Klein pendant from Alchemy Gothic is a tiny token of respect for the mystical Raven. The black corvid is well known by its mystical and prophetic reputation, capable of foretelling d..
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£9.99 £8.49 Save 15%
Geistalon Necklace - P751
The thundering phantom of an armoured cataphract unicorn forms the Geistalon necklace from Alchemy Gothic. Skeletal and nightmarish, the armoured collar sports chains and a mace, while plated armour..
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£19.99 £16.49 Save 18%
Shred Attack Necklace - P750
A screaming skull protrudes from the shape of the guitar in this Shred Attack necklace from Alchemy Gothic: the epitome of rock and roll. With believable contouring, engraved strings and frets, and ..
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£13.99 £11.99 Save 14%
Capitaneus Necklace - P731
A brutal flint spear-head pendant, captured on a soft leather thong, is emblazoned with the deadly visage of a skull, its cranium cracked by the fatal blow. Simple yet effective, the textured pewter..
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£11.99 £9.99 Save 17%
Bushido Necklace - P730
A simple katana hangs from a pewter chain, its hilt decorated with a pattern to represent slit leather while the blade is inscribed with the seven virtues of the samurai: the Bushido code. The Chine..
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£8.99 £7.49 Save 17%
Flame Brain Necklace - ULP42
Strung on a waxed cord thong, the grinning skull goes up in flames, his brain burning in red enamel. Idle minds are the Devil’s laboratory, and this grinning icon of ne’er-do-wells seeks to lead you..
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£12.99 £10.49 Save 19%
Sharp's Cross Necklace - ULP41
Luck both good and bad can seem like a force greater than anyone can understand. This black enamel cross, decorated with the symbols of the suits and with a crown at its centre, offers itself up as ..
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£18.99 £15.49 Save 18%
Blast Furnace Behemoth Necklace - P737
A coiling serpent, his scales reminiscent of cog-work teeth, takes flight on wings of copper and pistons of brass, his mighty strength symbolising the unstoppable power of industrial progress. Monst..
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£37.99 £30.49 Save 20%
Harbinger Necklace - P739
A harbinger of doom and the long awaited fate clutches a rose in its talons. Ragged feathers suggest the raven has flown great distances through sun and storm to find the recipient of its message. A..
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£17.99 £14.49 Save 19%
Black Talon Necklace - P734
A blood-spattered “Dracula” sphere freely rotated in the clutches of the Corvus Corax, its marbled surface ideal for scrying the deadly portents that lie in your path. With a gleaming pewter raven s..
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£17.99 £14.49 Save 19%