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Alchemy Gothic's portfolio of jewellery, decor and personal accessories is arguably one of the best in the world, yet more lies behind these items that creative design and superior craftsmanship. Many Alchemy Gothic pieces tell a story, either extrapolating on the general themes of folklore and tradition known to humanity, or focussing on a single character, fictional or historical. It is this extra dimension to their creations which makes every Alchemy piece beautifully symbolic, and far more than mere crystal and pewter, artistically arranged.

This ever-growing encyclopedia of Alchemy mythology will explore the common themes and characters behind the pieces in GlitterGoth's collections. We hope to provide you with an insight not only into the imagination of the Alchemy Gothic designers, but the deep-rooted beliefs and idolisations of the world's populace. Each entry will also link to the relevant Alchemy Gothic items that were created based on a theme or particular character. Simply select an interesting entry from the alphabetical listings, and allow us to shed light on some of the mystery-shrouded names that bedeck Alchemy's catalogue.


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Throughout these pages, reference has been made to the information contained within Alchemy Gothic's Online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and other, more literary sources such as The Element Encyclopedia Of Magical Creatures by John and Caitlin Matthews. The articles contained herein are the creative works of the Glittergoth staff, and as such are internationally protected by copyright. They may not be reused, reproduced or redistributed without express written permission. Failure to adhere to this will result in the perpetrator being issued with a DMCA takedown notice.