Into battle! In 1984, the original Alchemy Gothic collection was established as "Alchemy Metal-Wear". Now, 28 years later, a resurrection and re-invention has occured, spawning a collection of hardcore and testosterone charged pewter pieces with androgynous or masculine overtones. The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past...


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Runering Dragon Strap - A40
The runes of genesis, the cause of all creation, are clenched tight in the jaws of the skeletal dragon guardian. Simple and macabre, this strap bracelet from Alchemy Gothic speaks of a deeper truth..
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£15.99 £13.50
Black Raven Necklace - P193
Alchemy Gothic's Black Raven is beautifully detailed in two-tone pewter, imbuing life into this symbol of the undead. Despite their intelligence, the Raven's corvid nature as a carrion bird meant i..
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£11.99 £9.99
Beserker Watch - AW19
A proud tribute to the awesome strength of the Northern Warriors, the Alchemy Gothic Beserker watch features a bone motif around the wrist-strap, symbolising the shattered victims of the battle fre..
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£49.99 £42.50
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Razhora Watch AW14
Dangerous times call for desperate measures. This cutting-edge watch is intricately designed to embody sharp, edgy style. With an adjustable metal fastener on the hinged razorblade strap, it is an ada..
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£49.99 £42.50
Pentanoir Earrings - E168
Quintessential Goth creations, these pentanoir earrings are beautifully enamelled, measuring no more than a 1/4 inch (0.7cm) across. Silver pentagrams carve their way over the shining black enamel sur..
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£9.50 £8.49
Cross Cuff Stud - E195
Bear the shackles of faith and loyalty with this elegant cuff stud earring. A delicate cross is worn on the lobe of the ear, while a fine pewter chain links the cross-embossed cuff as it hooks up o..
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£8.99 £7.99
Nidus Cuff Stud - E193
Captive to its web, the spider struggles to be free of its endless quest for survival. A beautifully detailed arachnid is tethered to a fine pewter chain which is, in turn, linked to a cuff that is..
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£8.99 £7.99
Pentagram Gaelic Plait Bracelet - A37
Strike balance into your soul with this simple leather Gaelic plait bracelet. A beautiful enamelled pentagram is emblazoned amidst a nest of dark leather, adding a touch of the Gothic to this perfe..
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£13.50 £11.99
Pentagram Studs - E164
Subtle silver stars embody the balance of the physical elements and the human spirit. Measuring approximately 1cm at the widest point, these are the perfect tiny Gothic touch for any outfit. Exquisite..
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£5.99 £4.99
Roseus Pentagram Necklace - P182
Undeniably, this Roseus Pentagram necklace is an Alchemy Gothic classic. Created in 1995 and still going strong, this quintessential gothic pentagram design offers a simple statement of "more than ..
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£14.99 £12.00
Wyverex Dragon Signet Ring - R154
The guardian of the vampire's nest adorns this ring of pewter and enamel. Wear it with pride and hide its secrets well. Solid cast pewter bears the black and silver enamel seal of the Wyverex in disti..
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£16.99 £15.49
Roseus Pentagram - R23
A classic black enamelled pentagram, highly polished, and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. Seize the knowledge offered by Alchemy Gothic, and bring yourself a greater understanding of the larg..
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£15.99 £14.99

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