Into battle! In 1984, the original Alchemy Gothic collection was established as "Alchemy Metal-Wear". Now, 28 years later, a resurrection and re-invention has occured, spawning a collection of hardcore and testosterone charged pewter pieces with androgynous or masculine overtones. The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past...


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The Harvester Earring - E296
The Grim Reaper's soul-taker, and symbol of the end of life. Give in to your eternal rest with this detailed scythe shaped to fit around your ear with the blade hooking over the top, and a stud sec..
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£15.99 £13.75
Alchemist Rex Buckle - B13
Grin along with the king alchemist, highly polished and with a pewter rose clenched between his teeth, the Alchemy Gothic icon is immortalised in this large buckle: perfect for any Alchemy fan who ..
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£38.99 £36.99
The Grip Buckle - B9
The Manus Ossus, or hand of bone clasps lovingly at the wearer's belt, both seductive and macabre. With a ruby crystal set onto its ring finger, one is disturbingly reminded of the eternal matrimon..
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£31.99 £29.95
The Archangel Buckle - B12
The archangel is the highest being in the echelons of holy chorus, holding in her hands the power to protect and destroy. Stunningly detailed wings and facial features are beautifully cast, with th..
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£41.99 £39.75
The Alchemist Buckle: B8
        The quintessential alchemist clenches a black rose between his calciferous teeth, embossed with Alchemy Gothic's trademark "A". This petite buckle is ..
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£19.99 £17.99
Gramilion Buckle - B66
Two great dragons go to war over the dark stone of wisdom, battling for ultimate possession in heraldic style. Alchemy Gothic's attention to detail is superb, with each scale and fang clearly depic..
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£38.99 £36.29
Ossa Ravenhead Buckle - B37
Be amazed by the incredible, tri-metal, raven-winged helm of the Viking deity for the warrior cult. Become empowered by the intricacy and symbolism etched deep within the terrifying visage of the b..
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£41.99 £39.99
Web Belt Strap - WB1
Heavy duty black web cotton belt straps measuring 1.5 inches (3.8 cm wide), with metal eyelets and press stud features to provide the perfect canvas for Alchemy Gothic Buckles. One Size: 47.2 i..
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1.5 Inch Leather Belt - L1B
These high quality 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) wide genuine leather belts are perfect for Alchemy Gothic buckles. Black split leather belt straps with press stud fastenings to make them a highly versatile belt ..
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Dracul's Creed Buckle - B89
Every scale on the Dracul's Creed Buckle is incredibly detailed, etched by Alchemy to show the courage and strength of the Order of the Dragon, a chivalric and elite Transylvanian cult who swore to..
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£38.99 £35.99
Letter Of Marque Buckle - B75
Bear the official, royal warrant of the British throne given to privateers, known in common circles as pirates, during times of war. This marque enabled the scourge of the sea to legally pillage an..
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£34.99 £32.49
Necacrosome Earring - E255
The dead end of the body: a skeletal figure grins in macabre malice as it coils around your ear. The exquisitely detailed vertebrae are curved to fit the ear, with the Sacrum (base of the spine..
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£16.50 £14.75

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