Into battle! In 1984, the original Alchemy Gothic collection was established as "Alchemy Metal-Wear". Now, 28 years later, a resurrection and re-invention has occured, spawning a collection of hardcore and testosterone charged pewter pieces with androgynous or masculine overtones. The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past...


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Spirit Of Destiny Wrist Strap - A84
Captured on an adjustable genuine leather strap, the winged skull flies, screaming, to face its destiny. Bold and brimming with humanity, this simple urban piece is a statement of determination. ..
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£22.99 £19.99
Pentagration Wrist Strap - A85
An adjustable genuine leather strap is the mount for this bold pentagram: a blatant statement of balance and power in distressed and studded Alchemy pewter. Perfect for the discerning. Matching..
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£22.99 £19.99
Double Axe Necklace - P11
From the exquisite detail on the handle to the nick in the blade, this double-headed axe is clearly the tool of the trade for any barbarian hero. Lovingly rendered by Alchemy Gothic for a genuine sens..
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£8.99 £8.59
Lost Soul Necklace - P190
Once time has waged its war against us, we are nothing but bone, as depicted in this gleaming pewter pendant of a hapless nobody, doomed to be suspended for eternity for some nameless crime. Je..
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£10.99 £9.89
Chaosium Necklace - P501
A shimmering black hematine cabachon lies in the centre of this pendant: a mystery-shrouded symbol of anti-order, and a celebration of the chaos in all our lives. Jewellery Details:This pendant..
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£13.99 £12.39
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Bindrune Hammer Pendant - P338
Energy, courage, potency and conquest are the ancient runic inscriptions on the bindrune hammer; essential magics for the unfathomable Gods of the ancient Norse pantheon. Jewellery Details:This pen..
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£13.99 £11.98
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Kaspar's Axe Necklace - P616
Kaspar's axe is a beautifully detailed double bladed pendant to commemorate the mighty weapons of the ancient Norse and beyond. With stunning detail and perfect Alchemy Gothic craftsmanship. Je..
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£14.99 £12.99
Black Knight's Cross Necklace - P617
The Black Knight's cross, a simple yet pointed enamel pendant, crowned by a pewter skull. A medal of honour for the dark side of chivalry, awarded for only the most dastardly deeds. Jewellery D..
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£14.99 £13.29
Osbourne's Cross Necklace - P618
The sign of a dark priest, steeped in the worship of sin and despair. Pewter and enamel form this striking pendant, speaking of the darkness at the heart of all. Jewellery Details:This pendant ..
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£15.99 £14.45
Skull Of Azrael Necklace - P620
Azrael, Angel Of Death, awakens. Whether it is to judge the souls of the damned or deprive living non-believers of their essential existence, he is set free to walk the earth once more, and his cou..
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£16.99 £14.45
Spirit Of Destiny Necklace - P621
A calciferous, grinning skull, winged as of the gods, screams towards the unknown. Destiny is shrouded to us, and the future is beyond our knowledge, but within us all is the power to face it unafraid..
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£14.99 £13.75
Birth of a Demon Necklace - P622
The grim skull of a nightmare emerges from the primordial gloom, ready for the dark process that will shroud it in flesh and power, and set it loose to walk upon the unsuspecting world. Demons live am..
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£15.99 £14.45

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