Into battle! In 1984, the original Alchemy Gothic collection was established as "Alchemy Metal-Wear". Now, 28 years later, a resurrection and re-invention has occured, spawning a collection of hardcore and testosterone charged pewter pieces with androgynous or masculine overtones. The Alchemist has a rendezvous with the past...


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Helm Of Awe Ravenskull Necklace P687
A weather-worn raven's skull, cast in fine English pewter, has been carved with the stave symbol "Aegishjalmur", meaning hte Helf Of Awe. An ancient Icelandic runic symbol to induce fear and protect a..
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£18.99 £16.50
Cross Of Iron Ring R196
Jagged teeth rise form the band of this ring, surmounted by the harsh lines of a Maltese cross, with additional spiked detail. Unforgiving and demanding of respect, the Iron Cross ring takes no prison..
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£15.99 £13.99
Black Trinity Trident Necklace - P686
A crude, brutal design encapsulates the harsh glory of the oceans with this black trident design. There are no illusions of grandeur in the sharp points of the trinity of the trident, cast in aged pew..
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£12.99 £11.95
Flaming V Necklace - P685
Triumph screams in the chords of this V guitar, enshrined in pewter flames and carrying all the symbolism of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Simple yet stylish, and hung on a leather cord for maximum imp..
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£13.99 £12.95
Crucifacation Necklace - P682
This simple yet striking figure splits his skeletal self asunder. reminiscent of Roman punishment and pirate pillaging, this bold X marks the spot where all life ends. A pewter cast skeleton is hung o..
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£12.99 £11.95
Cobra Life Force Faux Stretcher - E337
A cobra rears up, prepared to charm its prey and strike the fatal blow as its long tail flows downwards from the back of the ear. A polished pewter, silver post ear stud for regular pierced ears, t..
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£12.99 £11.99
Asphyxia Ring - R185
A replica of the infamous WWI gas masks awaits, its glass lenses balefully staring out on the world which was so hard won. Alchemy Gothic rings are hand cast and made in England from fine English p..
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£23.99 £20.95
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Thunder Hammer Buckle - B96
The Norse legend of Thor lives on in this representation of the mighty Mjollner. Scandic emblems and hematine, with runic embellishment capture all that is worthy and great about the Thunder God's ..
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£39.99 £36.25
Killing Fields Bracelet - A93
A string of skulls grin back in macabre mirth from their prison of pewter perpetuity. Wear the spoils of war in remembrance, be you victor or vanquished, and know the price that was paid. A sobering t..
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£24.99 £21.95
Plague-Master Necklace P652
Death walks abroad and boils in the blood, carried ever onward by the plague-master. The rat brings with it the pestilence of the world's greatest pandemic that decimated Europe and lingers still t..
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£14.99 £13.50
Blackadder Necklace - P653
The viper of deceit entwines its sinuous form around the heraldic device: a dark cross of sedition. Worn by those in power and steeped in corruption, always out for their own gain, this crude penda..
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£12.99 £11.99
Skullcrusher Necklace - P654
Cleave the head from spinal column, spill the life that lies within. Skullcrusher is the bat emblazoned axe of a sixteenth century warrior from the Dark Forests of the east, where brutality and sur..
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£14.99 £13.49

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