Gothic Wineglasses

Elegantly crafted and classically proportioned, these Alchemy Gothic wineglasses are simply to die for. Sold singularly, the wineglasses are constructed from polished antique pewter and the highest quality lead crystal bowls. Whether making a statement or forming a collection, they offer a true taste of the Gothic.

Far-flung inspiration forms the root of these wineglasses by Alchemy, from mythological creatures to sweeping statements of bygone fashion, they epitomise elegance and grace, while maintaining a solid, stable structure to reduce the chance of spills and breakages.

We always endeavor to provide our customers with their ideal item. If we do not have what you are looking for listed on-site, then please contact GlitterGoth. We would be delighted to order your desired wineglass from Alchemy Gothic at a guaranteed low price, with no obligation to purchase.

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Delphyne and the Dionysia Wine Glass CWT49
Delphyne, the mighty dragon guardian of the oracle, entwines this wineglass in loving tribute to the vessel of Dionysus, God of wine. Drink a toast to the gods of old, and revel in the ancient linea..
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£49.99 £42.99 Save 14%
Wings Of Love Champagne Glass - CWT54
Elegant, long-stemmed Champagne flutes are the ideal way to toast your beloved. A winged, crystal heart embellishes the flute’s slender breast, faceted to catch the light as feathered wings rest aga..
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£16.99 £14.50 Save 15%
Snakebite Punch Cup - CWT53
Amethyst glass surmounts this elegant Anglo-Saxon style punch cup. The scaled serpent handle harks back to a time of Ancient Feudal Lords, rendered in exquisite detail and set on splayed pewter feet..
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£44.99 £38.99 Save 13%
Dragon Wineglass - CWT21
An exquisite dragon rests, its wings furled to support the bell of the glass as you slake your thirst for the fluid within. Intricately engraved and sculpted, this is a divine piece to grace any tab..
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£45.99 £39.55 Save 14%
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Metropolis Wine Glass - CWT46
Travel to the pinnacle of excellence with Alchemy Gothic's Metropolis Wineglass.  This thoroughly futuristic, Art Deco inspired piece is fabulous enough to grace any table, with an elegant pewt..
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£99.99 £85.99 Save 14%
Dracul's Cup Wineglass - CWT43
Intimacy and threat go hand-in-hand when you spend an evening with a vampire. Friendship can become lost in the hunt, but for now sit down and enjoy a glass of wine in this beautiful wineglass. Bloo..
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£69.99 £59.99 Save 14%
4.3★ from 3 reviews