Elegantly crafted and classically proportioned, these Alchemy Gothic wineglasses are a must-have accessory for your home. Whether it is as part of a dining set, or as a single ornament, they are an exquisite addition to any Alchemy Gothic collection.

Sold singly, the wineglasses are constructed from polished antique pewter and the highest quality lead crystal bowls. Often embellished with crystal for that added touch of style, they are true masterpieces.

Far-flung inspiration forms the root of these drinking vessels, from mythological creatures to sweeping statements of bygone fashion. They epitomise elegance and grace, while maintaining a solid, stable structure to reduce the chance of spills and breakages.

For added peace of mind, Alchemy Gothic offer a glass repair service, should you accidentally break the bowl. Simply contact us for more information, and we will do our best to restore your broken purchase to its former glory.

As pewter reacts badly with salt, Alchemy Gothic’s wineglasses must be washed by hand rather than in the dishwasher. This will enable you to make sure your items stay gleaming and beautiful, and reduces the chance of long-term damage to the metal work.

If you wish to purchase a large number of wineglasses, please email GlitterGoth for a quote, as we may be able to offer you a discount. However, please be aware that these items are hand-made, so it is often impossible to supply them immediately.

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Dracul's Cup Wineglass - CWT43
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