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Dine in style with Alchemy Gothic's awe-inspiring glassware and drinking vessel collections. From tankards to goblets, chalices to wineglasses, alchemy has designed and created some of the most beautifully detailed drink-ware for the discerning customer. Sold individually, they can provide a decorative centerpiece or collected to create a luxurious dining set.

It should be noted that none of these items are dishwasher safe, as the pewter reacts with the salt and forms heavy levels of tarnish. 

Please browse the categories below or view the master list at the bottom of the page to see our selection of Alchemy Gothic glassware and drinking vessels. Our collection is always growing, and if we do not have the item you desire listed, then please contact GlitterGoth and we can promptly order the item for you with no obligation to buy.


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The Alchemy Of Beer Glass - CWT52
Enjoy the exquisite blend of alcoholic art and science in this simple yet stunning beer glass. Alchemical symbols embellish its breast, cast and mounted in pewter, while the long flute of the glass al..
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£14.99 £13.99
Aqua Vitae Glass - CWT51
Drink deep from the waters of life with this simple beer glass embellished with a pewter coat of arms across its breast. Twin dragons face outwards, wings unfurled and crossed swords clutched in ..
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£14.99 £13.99
The Wormwood Tree Absinthe Shot Glass ACWT9
Raise a glass to the root of all poison with this beautiful fluted shot-glass. Celebrating the mind-altering wormwood that used to make up the base of Absinthe, this stunning piece of glassware is ..
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£23.99 £23.99
La Belle Epoch Absinthe Glass Tumbler ACWT10
Raise a glass to the beautiful age with this stunning tumbler. Emblazoned with the Art nouveau emblem of Absinthe, the full-bellied tumbler is made of clear glass, allowing the clarity of the drink..
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£22.99 £19.99
Delphyne and the Dionysia Wine Glass CWT49
Delphyne, the mighty dragon guardian of the oracle, entwines this wineglass in loving tribute to the vessel of Dionysus, God of wine. Drink a toast to the gods of old, and revel in the ancient line..
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£49.99 £45.49
The Alchemist Shot-Glass - CWT47
Celebrate life with the wisest visage of them all. The Alchemist's calciferous, grinning countenance is emblazoned on this classical shot-glass: a death skull witha black rose captured between his ..
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£12.99 £10.99
Omega Skull - ASS51
Alchemy's quintessential image is captured here, life-size and beautifully aged in exquisite resin. Carved over its calciferous surface is the wisdom of human civilisation, distilled and refined into ..
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£49.99 £44.98
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Amethystine Grail - AAG50
  A lavishly imposing Celtic knot-work base and stem supports a purple glass cup, which stands approximately 8 inches (20cm) high, and is cast in stunning pewter detail. Special Order ..
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£89.99 £84.99
Litternere Jewellery Stand AAC58
An unquestioning devotee arises from the stifling clutches of its grave to treasure the gems which you care to bestow. Cast in exquisite Alchemy gothic pewter, with eerie attention to detail, this ske..
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£69.99 £62.95
Domnesca Candlestick CS11
Glowing like the life within us all, so easiily extinguished, the hauntingly beautiful sapphire Swarovski crystal is suspended within the elegant gothic centerpiece created by Alchemy Gothic. With ..
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£44.99 £38.00
XXXBlack Rose Ale Glass - CWT48
Alchemy Gothic's striking mark is made on this standard ale glass, with the pewter skull and cross-bones brand of triple X Black Rose ale emblazoned upon the tumbler's breast. Glass Details: Th..
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£18.98 £16.99
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Dragon Wineglass - CWT21
An exquisite dragon rests, its wings furled to support the bell of the glass as you slake your thirst for the fluid within. Intricately engraved and sculpted, this is a divine piece to grace any table..
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£45.99 £42.55
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