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Temptation Earring - E234
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Temptation Earring - E234 Temptation Earring - E234
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Eden's serpent of temptation coils lovingly around your ear, pewter scales shining as its beguiling promises stir in your mind. Be tempted by Alchemy Gothic's striking deign, and allow yourself to be carried along in a quest for knowledge, driven ever onwards by the temptation of power and glory. This slender serpent will be your immortal guide.

Created in 2005, this simple design is one of our best selling ear-wraps, its simple, unembellished shape allowing a delicate emphasis of the ear. A standard gauge post and butterfly through the lobe holds it in place.

Height 5.0cm (2.0in)
Fit Left ear only
Earring Type Single Ear Wrap
Weight 43g

Product Code: E234

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