It's time to get technical, and with this ever-growing range of replica vintage technology jewellery, you can show off your inner-geek. Whether you're asking Igor to throw the switch, or simply plumbing the depths of the unknown, allow Alchemy Gothic Empire to cater to your tastes with these fabulous Steampunk Earrings!

Created with copper and brass details, these earrings bring a sense of decadence to the technically inspired designs, allowing the portrayal of an era that never was. A perfect blend of modern and archaic, it’s a fresh perspective on the creative genius inspired by the words of Jules Verne and other literary pioneers.

Although the collection of Empire earrings is small, Alchemy add new designs each year, so keep your eye peeled for more spell binding and exciting possibilities! Most pieces are sold either singly or as pairs. If you’re unsure, please read the product descriptions and specifications for more information.

All Alchemy Gothic’s products are made from Fine English Pewter, which contains no lead and has a very low nickel content, helping to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction. All posts and hooks that go through the piercing hole are made of stainless steel to create a comfortable wearing experience for the user.

As always, the GlitterGoth team is here to help. If you have any questions about our Steampunk earrings, or any of our products, then please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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Clavitraction Earrings - E377
The archetypal reflection of steampunk ethos; a combined, mechanistic cog of retro industrial progress with a key of intricate, clockwork precision. A pair of small, antique bronze finished pewte..
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£9.99 £8.50 Save 15%
Machine Head Earrings - E371
The gears of intellectual industry make up the Machine head earrings by Alchemy Gothic. A single pewter cog forms the stud, with stainless steel post to fasten. Hanging from chains for movement and ..
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£22.99 £17.99 Save 22%