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Cursed Studs - ULFE1
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Cursed Studs - ULFE1
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A curse may be a blessing in disguise. Recognise the opportunity, even in disaster. Grinning winged skulls surmount the cursed banner, all formed of beautiful Alchemy Gothic pewter.

Made in 2009, the Cursed studs are a macabre and mischievous addition to the UL17 range. Miniscule yet detailed, they catch the eye and enchant the mind. The skulls are half turned in profile, giving the impression of being caught mid-flight by Alchemy Gothic’s craftsmen.

Whether you are cursed or blessed, these petite studs are a perfect every day tribute to the vagaries of luck and life.

Height 1.0cm (0.4 in)
Width 1.3cm (0.5in)
Earring Type Stud Pair
Weight 40g

Product Code: ULFE1

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