Alchemy Gothic have crafted a far-flung and exquisite collection of earrings to suit any style. From elaborate chandelier pairs to exquisite ear wraps, faux stretchers to simple studs, Alchemy have excelled themselves with this dynamic and beautiful collection.

Making use of enamel, crystal, pewter casting and decades of design experience, master craftsmen have worked tirelessly. The results are high quality, unique creations that will assist you in developing and expanding your own personal style.

No matter what theme takes your interest, from the decadence of the baroque to the chilling macabre offered by bony details, Alchemy Gothic’s earring collection is sure to have something to suite your needs. With earrings available in every range, from Empire Steampunk to classic, Urban design to Metalwear, no stone is left unturned.

Most of Alchemy Gothic’s earring require only one standard gauge piercing hole to be worn, and every piece is made of high quality pewter with no nickel content. Surgical steel posts provide a comfortable wearing experience, and a number of fastening types keep these earrings securely fixed in place.

Some earrings are designed to be worn singly, while others are available in pairs. This information, as well as all other pertinent details, are included by the GlitterGoth team in the product description and specifications. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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Swallow Studs - ULFE4
A pair of swallows, exquisitely detailed, swoop and soar, symbolising the freedom of the soul over the ties of a mortal frame. Elegant feathers and the symbolically forked tail are all represented i..
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£7.99 £7.49 Save 6%
Night Sky Ear Wrap - E345
A sweeping swarm of black bats fly up to chase the starlight, forming a sinister curve around the left ear with this intriguing wrap from Alchemy Gothic. Invade the tranquillity of the night with th..
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£16.99 £13.49 Save 21%
Cursed Studs - ULFE1
A curse may be a blessing in disguise. Recognise the opportunity, even in disaster. Grinning winged skulls surmount the cursed banner, all formed of beautiful Alchemy Gothic pewter. Made in 2009,..
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£7.99 £4.99 Save 38%
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Cut Throat Ear Wrap - E335
A wicked cut-throat razor rests over the ear, the blade dripping with the spoils of the last slice. With elegant scroll-work detailing and crystal embellishments, this is brutality made beautiful.&n..
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£21.99 £17.29 Save 21%
Mirror of the Soul Earrings - E271
Peer into the dark, Gothic depths to see a stylised skull signifying the fate that awaits us all. Become enraptured with the wealth of life and death, and enable yourself to find power in both with ..
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£15.99 £13.49 Save 16%
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Devil Heart Earrings - ULFE22
Red matte enamel hearts bear mischievous devil horns beneath a crystal drop. Relish love’s inherent sin and take a walk on the wild side with these wicked earrings made from English pewter with Swar..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Love's Blossom Earrings - E338
Passionate red crystal hearts grow within a sheath of pewter leaves, exquisitely detailed and subtly framed. Faceted and bottomless, they symbolise the depths of love possible, for those truly incli..
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£12.99 £10.49 Save 19%
Tomb Skull Horn Faux Ear Stretcher E320
The mournful remains of a raided tomb stare balefully from the stud of this piece, the pewter carefully depicted to evoke age and decay. The features are giving a regretful slant as a curved spike p..
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£9.99 £8.99 Save 10%
Hornet's Nest Earring - E303
A punk spiked wrap bar curves around the ear, shackled by chains of conformity and locked in place by a stud assembly. Perfect for those wishing to make a comment on society and their place within i..
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£15.99 £13.29 Save 17%
Black Widow Studs - E169
Eight-legged fiends are eternally captured in gleaming pewter, embodying the beauty of the macabre in this elegantly subtle nod to Alchemy's craft. Exquisite and detailed, these small studs offer a ..
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£6.99 £6.49 Save 7%
Romanticide Razor Stud Earrings - E258
Love cuts deep with these delicate Romanticide Razor studs. Cast in low allergy Alchemy Gothic pewter, their simple urban Goth design is ideal for adding a subtle, dark statement to your outfit. Thi..
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£6.99 £5.99 Save 14%
Mortal Remains Earring - E278
A pewter skull forms the base of this cuff stud earring, while a skeletal hand curves around the upper part of the ear. Mortal remains cling to the last seconds of life in Alchemy Gothic's macabre d..
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£8.99 £7.49 Save 17%
Temptation Earring - E234
Eden's serpent of temptation coils lovingly around your ear, pewter scales shining as its beguiling promises stir in your mind. Be tempted by Alchemy Gothic's striking deign, and allow yourself to b..
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£14.50 £11.50 Save 21%
5★ from 2 reviews
Black Raven Earrings E333
Dark wings spread wide to cast a sultry shadow with these soaring corvid earrings. Captured in flight the intricate texture of the wings and body provides the illusion of black feathers shining in s..
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£7.99 £7.49 Save 6%
Elizabethan Earrings - E346
Dudley’s symbol of condemned and secret passion for the Virgin Queen, destined never to be realised. Embrace love in the Shakespearean age with this beautiful Tudor design and crystal embellishment...
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£9.99 £8.75 Save 12%
Crystal Dragon Ear Wrap E330
A pewter dragon coils lovingly, serpentine scales glistening as a brilliant crystal falls from its body. An intricate and writhingly sinuous ear wrap to add to your collection, this silent guardian ..
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£18.98 £15.20 Save 20%
Musca Mico Studs E327
Crystal details embellish these brass and copper toned fly studs. Exquisitely life-like and realistic, they show beauty in even the most repulsive harbingers of death and decay. Texturing on the pew..
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£18.99 £15.20 Save 20%
Ingenieurial Elegance Stud - E312
A copper-plated paisley-style stud hangs from the ear, capturing Swarovski crystal detail of industrial beauty. Ideally suited to the femme technique of the golden age of steam, this beautiful earri..
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£14.99 £9.49 Save 37%
Dragon's Lure Head Studs - E340
A pair of tiny dragon heads, identical to those in the dragon's lure earring, for a touch of the draconian in a simpler style. The long, narrow muzzle of the dragon leads up to the array of horns al..
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£6.99 £6.50 Save 7%
Diamond Pall Cuff Stud Earring - E223
A beautiful blue crystal stud is attached via a fine chain to a "diamond" decked cuff, gleaming with white crystal and silver pewter. Colourful and eye-catching, it is a perfect ear adornment for th..
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£10.99 £8.50 Save 23%
Marie Antoinette Earrings - E310
The final kiss for the French Queen lies here in bloody evidence. Miniature guillotine blades with a single crimson crystal drop hang in testimony to the power of revolution. Elegant baroque details..
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£19.98 £15.98 Save 20%
Rose Thorn Cross Earring - E130
A cross of rose thorns lies surmounted by the Master's calciferous countenance, with a gleaming crystal accent at its bloody heart. Surrender yourself in sacrifice to the greater good and become ent..
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£8.99 £6.99 Save 22%
Tor Dragon  Faux Ear Stretcher E324
A mighty dragon curves sinuously through the ear, its tail bedecked with spikes and emblazoned with scales as it curves back and downwards, giving the appearance of passing through the ear as it doe..
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£12.99 £10.49 Save 19%
Dark Desires Earrings - E291
Bear the brand of dark desire. Black roses weep crystal tears of grief for a love that is doomed from the start. Revel in the bittersweet touch of fleeting joy before succumbing to the power of a gr..
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£27.99 £22.49 Save 20%
5★ from 2 reviews