Bracelets and Armwear

Alchemy Gothic provide a unique range of cuffs, bracelets and bangles to accessorise your look. Gothic creatures, crosses, hearts, and the quintessential skeleton all feature as either subtle design twists or prominent centrepieces to these stunning items of jewellery. Find the perfect piece to add a Gothic edge to your outfit, or make a statement that no one can overlook!

Encapsulating a number of themes, from religious overtones to the cutting vintage edge of the Steampunk movement, Alchemy cater for any taste, providing not only striking single pieces, but matching sets of jewellery that allow you to create a complete Gothic experience.

Cuffs made from genuine Italian leather and decorated with pewter cartouches bring an androgynous aesthetic to the collection. With bold lines and unquestioning symmetry, there is nothing subtle about these designs.

In contrast, delicate charm bracelets, articulated chains and crystal encrusted bangles all out a sense of dynamism and splashes of enchanting colour.

Many items are one size only, and can be carefully bent or flexed to offer a better fit. To make it easier for you to decide on your purchase, we at GlitterGoth do our best to make sure that you have all the information you need, including sizing information where relevant. {Please check the product specifications for approximate band circumferences to avoid disappointment.

Whatever you’re looking for, we at GlitterGoth are here to help. We can promptly and accurately answer a wide range of questions on any Alchemy Gothic product, and we would be delighted to help you. Just use the contact form to get in touch.

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Vertebrae Bracelet - A29
The spine of a long-defeated predator, now turned to iron through age and the elements, forms this hinged bangle with safety chain from Alchemy Gothic. Beautifully rendered in spine-shilling detail,..
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£28.99 £23.40 Save 19%
Thunderhammer Bracelet A98
The mighty Mjolnir awaits your call, intricately detailed in Norse style with knot-work and studded patterns. A smooth outline acts in counterpoint to the textured and enchanting surface decoration,..
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£22.99 £18.49 Save 20%
5★ from 1 reviews
Skull Duster Bracelet - ULA5
A stylised skull knuckle duster emblem emblazons the basic curb chain of this vicious bracelet. Cast in finest Alchemy pewter, the squat design is economic and brutal, lending itself to the credible..
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£16.99 £13.99 Save 18%
Killing Fields Bracelet - A93
A string of skulls grin back in macabre mirth from their prison of pewter perpetuity. Wear the spoils of war in remembrance, be you victor or vanquished, and know the price that was paid. A sobering..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Vis Viva Bracelet - A88
Overwhelming energy encircles your wrist with scaly sibilance, lending you the power to fight those who oppose you with the eternal and life-giving force of the Ouroboros. The gleaming scales of the..
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£39.99 £31.99 Save 20%
5★ from 1 reviews
Black Romance Bangle - A83
Alchemy Gothic celebrate the darkness of love and the tempestuous of emotions with this barb-wire entwined black enamel heart taking ethereal flight. Capture the message of your emotions with this t..
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£24.99 £19.99 Save 20%
Headcount Chain Bracelet A92
The death toll rises with Alchemy Gothic's chilling tribute to the total. A number of stylised skulls form this simple curb-link chain bracelet. Bold and decisive, this statement piece speaks for it..
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£27.99 £22.49 Save 20%
Tears of Grief Lacelet A95
An intricacy of lace froths down the back of the hand, carrying in its centre the purple heart, framed in silver pewter and followed by the trailing cross. Held onto the finger by a loop of elastic,..
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£28.99 £23.40 Save 19%
Flocking Ravens Bracelet - A101
A raucous string of Ravens encircles the wrist, interrupted by gleaming crystal accents. A striking collection of monochrome birds, this chain bracelet is a gorgeously detailed piece in dark aged pe..
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£39.99 £31.99 Save 20%
Skull 'N' Bones Strap - A51
Alchemy Gothic celebrate the immortal badge of honour, celebrating the pirates of the seven seas with this infamous symbol. Cast in Alchemy pewter and held on an adjustable leather strap, it is a si..
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£15.99 £12.80 Save 20%
Dead Man's Cuff - A61
Baroque elegance surrounds the grinning, calciferous emblem of the skull: piracy at its most ornate. Gleaming pewter is polished to a careful shine, maximising the textured detail of the vines and lea..
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£24.99 £21.19 Save 15%
Runering Dragon Strap - A40
The runes of genesis, the cause of all creation, are clenched tight in the jaws of the skeletal dragon guardian. Simple and macabre, this strap bracelet from Alchemy Gothic speaks of a deeper truths..
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£15.99 £12.80 Save 20%
5★ from 1 reviews
Rabeschadel Leather Wrist Strap - A105
A genuine leather strap provides the base for the realistically wrought raven skull in the Rabeschadel Wrist Strap. The curved point of the raven’s beak spears forth from the dome of the skull, its ..
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£24.99 £20.51 Save 18%