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Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet - A15
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Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet - A15 Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet - A15
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This intricate design is a replica of an early scientific instrument, called a Spectrostatic Device, designed to control moonlight wavelength emulations. Cast in antique pewter and brass, the beautiful two-tone design features a plethora of arrays and symbols that enchant the eye. Alchemy Gothic imbue each design with its own history and mythology, and this bracelet is a prime example of the creativity at Alchemy's core.

First created in 1996, the Spectrostatic Nocturnium bracelet is one of Alchemy Gothic’s longest running Steampunk designs, and with the boldness of the brass and the intricacy of the detail it is no surprise that this piece is a firm and enduring favourite.

Band Width 2.7cm (1.06 in)
Circumference Approx. 21cm (8in)
Colour Brass
Weight 107 g

Product Code: A15

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