Alchemy Gothic provide a unique range of cuffs, bracelets and bangles to give your outfit the perfect accessory. Gothic creatures, crosses, hearts, and the quintisenttial skeleton all feature as either subtle design twists or prominent centrepieces to these stunning items of jewellery. Find the perfect Gothic bracelet to add a subtle Gothic edge to your outfit, or make a statement that no one can overlook!

If you cannot find the bracelet you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We make frequent orders to Alchemy Gothic, and we would be delighted to order the jewellery you require, with no obligation to make a purchase.

Choose from your desired category or view the master-list below. Remember, we hold all our jewellery stock personally, so we can offer prompt dispatch and get your item to you as soon as possible.


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The Black Baron Technician's Wing Strap - A100
A brown leather strap bears the emblem of the Black baron technical corps: a feathered wing controlled by cogs and gears, cast in pewter and brass for the discerning citizens of the Empire. Jewelle..
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£27.99 £24.95
Flocking Ravens Bracelet - A101
A raucous string of Ravens encircles the wrist, interrupted by gleaming crystal accents. A striking collection of monochrome birds, this chain bracelet is a gorgeously detailed piece in dark aged pewt..
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£27.99 £24.95
Twilight Moon Bracelet - A99
A chattering swarm of bats, denizens of the dusk, frame the opalescent face of the moon, with star-bright crystal accents caught between their wings. The perfect compliment to its matching pieces, it ..
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£28.99 £25.99
Thunderhammer Bracelet A98
Thor's legendary Mjolliner is depicted in Celtic and Norse detail on this broad band leather cuff, perfect for the Viking warrior within. Said to be embued with huge power, the thunder hammer wrought ..
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£22.99 £19.99
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Headcount Chain Bracelet A92
The death toll rises with ALchemy Gothic's chilling tribute to the total. A number of skulls hang from this simple curb-link chain bracelet. Bold and decisive, this statement piece speaks for itsel..
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£27.99 £25.89
Tears of Grief Lacelet A95
An intricacy of lace froths down the back of the hand, carrying in its centre the purple heart, framed in silver pewter and followed by the trailing cross. Held onto the finger by a loop of fabric,..
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£28.99 £26.59
Skull & Briar Rose A96
Two black flowers lie captured in a twist of thorns, both framing the solemn skull in their centre, grim-faced and stoic in its message of death. A striking contrast of black and silver pewter allows ..
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£24.99 £21.99
Pirate Princess Leather Strap A97
The plunder of the seven seas adorns this leather bracelet strap from Alchemy. Gleaming with amethystine crystals and polished pewter, the bracelet never-the-less bears the calciferous brand of pir..
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£34.99 £32.29
Razor Chain - ULFA5
Five symbollic razor blades encircle the wrist on an articulated chain, embellished with red and white crystal detail and a skull dropper. Jewelry Details: This bracelet is adjustable to fit a ..
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£23.99 £21.50
Sacred Ink Wrist-Strap ULA9
A genuine Italian leather wrist strap curves lovingly around the wrist, emblazoned with the sacred heart and tattoo gun motif. Exquisitely decorated with pewter, this emblem includes the skull and ..
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£22.99 £19.99
Poison Ivy Charm Bracelet - A94
A beautiful string of poison ivy leaves and Swarovski 'pearls' hang suspended, while occasionally a skull grins from the bower: a reminder that death walks hand-in-hand at the side of mother nature..
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£32.99 £29.99
Killing Fields Bracelet - A93
A string of skulls grin back in macabre mirth from their prison of pewter perpetuity. Wear the spoils of war in remembrance, be you victor or vanquished, and know the price that was paid. A sobering t..
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£24.99 £21.95

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