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Alchemy Gothic make more than just jewelry, and this ravishing collection of personal accessories can really help you to complete your Gothic look. Alchemy strive to create stylish and eye-catching accessories, rainging from bags and belt buckles to cuff links and walking sticks.

Whatever Alchemy Gothic product you are searching for, we can obtan it for you at the best possible price. If you cannot locate the accessory you had in mind, simply contact GlitterGoth and we will promptly order the item for you from Alchemy Gothic, with no obligation to buy.

Remember, everything listed in stock on our site is readily available to dispatch to you, allowing you to get your hands on the Alchemy Gothic Accessory you desire as quickly as possible.

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Roseus Pentagram Hairstick - HS4
An elegant five pointed star banded by a shining circumference adorns this hairstick, representing Alchemy Gothic's ideals of balance and power. As a quintessential symbol of alternative power, the..
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£9.99 £9.29
Crystal Dragon Hairstick HS5
A classically rendered Alchemy Gothic Dragon writhes intricately around an orb of red cut crystal. Capture the passion and beauty of the wil with this stunning tribute to the great guardians of the..
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£10.99 £9.49
Om Strygia Haircomb - HC5
Capture the Om Strygia, the great balkan bat, and strike fear and awe into all who witness your passing. Alchemy Gothic's beautiful bat accents make this haircomb ideal for that bold strike of Goth..
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£16.99 £15.99
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Coeur Noir Hairclip - HH5
Capture love's dark romance with the Coeur Noir. An Alchemy Gothic black enamel heart takes flight on etched pewter wings. Beautifully sculpted and polished to a shine for that perfect Gothic touch..
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£12.99 £11.99
Crystal Bat Clip - HH6
A pewter bat takes flight from its roost, the symmetrical, crystal studded wings sparkling in the moonlight. Elegantly constructed by Alchemy Gothic on a sprung black clip to create a versatile and..
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£13.99 £12.42
Raven Bat Hairstick - HS6
A magnificent Gothic peacock display of black feathers and beadwork blooms forth from the elegant Alchemy Gothic bat that crowns this hairstick. Beautifully executed and perfectly made, this is an ..
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£13.99 £12.42
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Rose Of Passion Hairstick - HS7
The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be. Capture the fleeting impossibility of true love with this elegantly sculpted Alchemy Gothic black petwer and Swarovski crystal design. Ideal f..
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£13.99 £12.42
Haemoglobal Sublimation Chamber Hairstick - HS8
Defuse the gas of the mind into concentrated form with this industrial hairstick. Red glass tops the intricately laquered wooden post, polished to a shine to prevent snagging and discomfort during ..
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£18.99 £17.19
Wing Commander's Attache Pouch - LG64
Designed for the reckless, duty-bound individual with adventure written deep into their genes. Essential communications and the chattels of everyday life are secure with this fabulous Alchemy Empire B..
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£49.99 £46.99
Nevermore Skull Buckle - B93
The highly polished Nevermore skull buckle leers cruelly from the belt. The crown is emblazoned with high Gothic script in a potent reminder of all that we lose with our demise. Exquisitely details..
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£33.99 £29.99
Aviator's Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor - AW21
Mounted on a genuine brown leather wrist-strap, this fantastic timepiece for the intrepid explorer combines modern technology with ancient reliability. A simple brass-plated sundial in one side and..
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£89.99 £84.99
Alchemist Rex Buckle - B13
Grin along with the king alchemist, highly polished and with a pewter rose clenched between his teeth, the Alchemy Gothic icon is immortalised in this large buckle: perfect for any Alchemy fan who ..
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£38.99 £36.99

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