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Alchemy Gothic make more than just jewelry, and this ravishing collection of personal accessories can really help you to complete your Gothic look. Alchemy strive to create stylish and eye-catching accessories, rainging from bags and belt buckles to cuff links and walking sticks.

Whatever Alchemy Gothic product you are searching for, we can obtan it for you at the best possible price. If you cannot locate the accessory you had in mind, simply contact GlitterGoth and we will promptly order the item for you from Alchemy Gothic, with no obligation to buy.

Remember, everything listed in stock on our site is readily available to dispatch to you, allowing you to get your hands on the Alchemy Gothic Accessory you desire as quickly as possible.

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Gestalt Skull Buckle - B94
Alchemy Gothic look deep into the heart of man, and this gestalt buckle represents the twisted and macabre corpse of corruption that is visible to all. Captive to their own treachery, the skulls se..
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£39.99 £35.95
Ram's Skull Buckle - B95
Curled horns twist demonically at either side of the ram's skull, while its calciferous features stare fixedly into its demise. Beautifully constructed in pewter and bronze for a realistic and pote..
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£39.99 £35.49
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No Evil Buckle - B88
Capture the delicate philsophy of a good life with this detailed and striking Alchemy Gothic buckle. Three skulls await, one with his mouth covered, another deaf to the world while the final one sh..
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£38.99 £35.98
Guardian Angel Buckle - B86
An exquisitely detailed skeletal angel awaits, palms outstretched above a banner reading "Et In Arcadia Ego": Latin for "I too dwell in Arcadia". Allow the guardian angel to aid your ascension into..
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£38.99 £33.15
Anima Machinato Futurus Buckle - B85
"Anima Machinato Futurus" litereally means "mechanised Life to Come". Allow the beauty of your thoughts to spin the cogs of your mind, and bring to life the simple chemical processes of your consci..
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£42.99 £39.99
The Vulture's Eye Buckle - B83
"He had the eye of a vulture - a pale blue eye, with a film over it ." This simple Alchemy Gothic buckle is an eerie tribute to one of the greatest horror writers of all time. Edgar Allen Poe's qui..
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£42.99 £39.98
Chaostar Buckle - B58
Seek your path against the arrows of chaos with this beautifully simple Alchemy Gothic buckle. Highlighted bronze arrows point in all directions against a gunmetal buckle plate. Buckle Measurem..
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£35.99 £31.99
Omega Skull Buckle B69
The enigmatic and ancient alchemist grins forth, the knowledge of the ancients engraved in runic script across his cranium. Crowning his head is the iconic Alchemy "A" symbol, creating a perfect ob..
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£32.99 £29.99
Wulven Buckle B74
The high howl of the wolves echoes through the cold night air, crisp with snow and starlight. Celebrathe the beautiful music of the children of the night with this beautiful Alchemy Gothic buckle. ..
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£36.99 £33.95
Darkling Bat Hairslide - HH1
Caper in the dance of the night and revel in the nocturnal glories of Alchemy Gothic with this essential Darkling Bat hairslide. A subtle touch of night-time promise to wear during the daylight hou..
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£12.99 £11.59
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Corvus Hairband - HB3
A dark raven flashes in a sea of shimmering crystals, adorned with a plume of feathers that shine in tones of darkest black, blue and green. Capture the elegance of nature and the simplicity of the..
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£21.99 £19.99
Claddagh Haircomb - HC3
The seventeenth century Claddagh symbolises eternal love, friendship and loyalty by virtue of its heart, hand and crown, but with a sinister Alchemy Gothic twist, we are reminded that our loyalties..
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£19.99 £18.95

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