Haemoglobal Sublimation Chamber Hairstick - HS8

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Haemoglobal Sublimation Chamber Hairstick - HS8
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Haemoglobal Sublimation Chamber Hairstick - HS8
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Defuse the gas of the mind into concentrated form with this industrial hairstick. Red glass tops the smooth stem of the stick, polished smooth to prevent snagging and discomfort during wear, and brass embellishments add a hint of warmth to the emblem at the peak.

Created in 2012, the Haemoglobal Sublimation Chamber Hair Stick is an ideal accent for those with a Steampunk turn of mind. Simple yet eye-catching, it speaks of a technology both primitive and unknown while retaining its functionality as a staple piece of hair couture.

Length 28.0cm (11 in)
Width 1.5cm (0.6 in)
Type Single Hair Stick
Weight 55 g

Product Code: HS8

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