The Nevermore Fob Watch (Pocket Watch) - AW17

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The Nevermore Fob Watch (Pocket Watch) - AW17
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The Nevermore Fob Watch (Pocket Watch) - AW17 The Nevermore Fob Watch (Pocket Watch) - AW17
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The perched raven decorates the casing of this fob watch, with elegant foliage and a cryptic monogram of the author's name "Poe". Alchemy Gothic enrich the experience with snatched of Poe's essential reading "The Raven" to unite beauty and function in this elegant fob watch. With a classical Roman numeral watch-face, it is a wonderful time piece for that hint of Gothic macabre.

Created in 2012, the Nevermore Fob Watch is an elegant and beautiful pocket watch, powered by a standard watch battery. Its detailed lid is cast in relief, offering a gorgeously textured experience. 

Fob chain sold separately.

Height 7.0cm (2.75 in)
Width 4.3cm (1.7 in)
Face Diameter 3.5cm (1.4in)
Weight 101 g

Product Code: AW17

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