The Alchemist Buckle: B8

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The Alchemist Buckle: B8
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The Alchemist Buckle: B8 The Alchemist Buckle: B8
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The quintessential Alchemist clenches a black rose between his calciferous teeth. Alchemy Gothic's trademark "A" embossed the arch of his brow, and subtle cranial seam detailing provides a chilling touch of the realistically macabre.

Arising from the Genesis at the Garden of Eden, Amzer, as the Alchemist is known, has undergone countless metamorphoses since his incarnation. Destined to be a divine intervener, Amzer is considered to have been a pivotal figure throughout the history of civilisation, and has come to represent Alchemy Gothic’s philosophy on design and the frontiers of their artistic endeavours.

Created in 1990, this design has endured the test of time. This petite buckle is perfect for those wishing to pay subtle homage to the greatness of Alchemy Gothic.

Buckle Width 6.0cm (2.4 in)
Buckle Height: 6.2cm (2.45in)
Buckle Depth: 2.6cm (1.0in)
Colour: Silver
Weight 180 g

Product Code: B8

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